David McMillan Is No Longer Corporate Chef At Consilient Restaurants

david2Just got off the phone with Consilient CEO, Tristan Simon. He confirmed the rumor on the street: David McMillan is no longer the corporate chef at Consilient Restaurants. The reason? “We eliminated the corporate chef position for financial and strategic reasons,” said Simon from his new restaurant in West L.A., Westside Tavern. “Given the diversity of our concepts it isn’t realistic to have one chef influence that many menus.” According to Simon, McMillan is weighing four or five options.

Hello, Duncan Graham? David McMillan could make your mum very happy.


  • rubbish

    HMMMMMMMMMMMMM you don’t have any more concepts since you hired him so that excuse rings hollow, this usually happens when the Chef has more talent than………or is it a personality conflict? as in one of you had one?

  • John Tiller

    Huh, I am not sure how a guy sitting in a resturant in West LA could have a beat on the Dallas Local Scene and who does what where. David is too good for that kind of BS.