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Can Blueprint Cleanse Satisfy a Foodie?

By Jennifer Chininis |

bpc1I have a friend in New York who told me about Blueprint Cleanse, which is being called “the cleanse for foodies.” There’s nothing new about the concept of cleansing, but this company has made it more flexible and accessible to the masses with its raw food juices–and they deliver. They use organic ingredients wherever possible, and the juices are more than just water, lemon, and cayenne pepper. We’re talking pineapple, apple, and mint; raw cashews, vanilla bean, and cinammon; and what I like to call the lawn in a blender–romaine, celery, cucumber, kale, parsley, green apple, spinach, and lemon. Anyway, I did the cleanse for three days this week. I admit that some of the juices even excited my palate. Today is my first day back on solid foods. Am I excited? You bet. But I’m also inspired to fill my body with good foods and perhaps stay away from those combination plates at Ojeda’s. At least for a while.