Wingstop, Troy Aikman Renew Partnership

Andy Howard of Wingstop and wing lover Troy Aikman. This picture does not make me hungry.
Andy Howard of Wingstop and wing lover Troy Aikman. This picture does not make me hungry.

Questions: How many chicken wings does Wingstop have to sell to pay Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman to be their national spokesman? Why do people eat chicken wings? If you love press releases, jump. If you hate/love chicken wings, we want to know why.

Three-year contract extends relationship between Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman and national chicken wing chain Wingstop to nine years

DALLAS – Wingstop has announced its national spokesman, three-time Super Bowl champion and Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman, has extended his contract with the restaurant chain for three additional years.

Aikman has served as the Wingstop national spokesman since 2003. Since the partnership began, Wingstop has posted 23 consecutive quarters of comp store sales increases and the chain has grown to more than 420 restaurants nationwide.

“We are excited to continue our partnership with Troy,” said Andy Howard, Wingstop executive vice president of marketing. “It’s rare to find a spokesperson that fits so perfectly with a brand, even after a nine-year relationship, but Troy’s enthusiasm for our brand and wings, as well as his stature in the sports industry, make him the ideal spokesman for Wingstop.”

“It’s great to continue on this venture with Wingstop,” said Aikman. “I remember first discovering their wings back when I was playing with the Cowboys, and I’m still as big a fan now as I was then. It’s been amazing to watch them grow from a few restaurants in Texas into a national brand, and I’m proud to be part of that.”

Last spring Wingstop announced a first time collaboration in which Wingstop will be the Official Wings Of The Dallas Cowboys. To support that partnership, Aikman and Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones recently completed a series of Wingstop television commercials that will begin airing later this summer.

Founded in 1994, Wingstop has more than 650 locations open or under development nationwide and the company recently moved from #125 to #97 on Entrepreneur Magazine’s “Franchise 500” ranking of all leading franchise brands worldwide.

About Wingstop
Wingstop offers restaurants with a nostalgic, aviation-themed atmosphere where the sole focus is on chicken wings. Wingstop features nine wing flavors, including Original Hot, Cajun, Atomic, Mild, Teriyaki, Lemon Pepper, Hawaiian, Garlic Parmesan, and Hickory Smoked BBQ. The wings are cooked-to-order and customers can also choose from homemade side dishes including fresh-cut seasoned fries, bourbon baked beans, potato salad, creamy cole slaw, vegetable sticks, rolls and assorted dipping sauces.


  • Brad

    6 degrees of thought on chicken wings:

    1. One time I drove all the way around Belt Line Rd (93 miles). The only thing there were more of than chicken wing restaurants were dollar stores and donut shops.

    2. Inflation of chicken wing prices is incredible. The local wing place in Austin we frequented in college had $0.25 wing Tuesdays. Then it jumped to $0.45, and now they don’t even have it. This is within 5-10 years. It’s still cheaper than fresh produce.

    3. There are a lot of dead chickens represented on a plate of 20 chicken wings (“drumsticks” included).

    4. No wing place has hot wings that are hot enough. They all claim to have ridiculously hot wings (with 5 flames next to the flavor on the menu or whatever), but they’re really only hot to the yankees that invented them. Texans hardly break a sweat (Plucker’s Fire in the Hole flavor is the only exception).

    5. The reason these places do well is you can have a decently large meal for $7.99 or so, which is an ideal price point for middle America. And, if you’re a fat middle American (is there another kind?), you sometimes have the “all you can eat” option for less than $15 or so.

    6. All Americans love competition. All Americans are fat. There’s no better solution than a chicken wing eating competition.

  • TLS

    I love wings and I think Wingstop does a fine job at wings. They have some great flavors (original and lemon pepper are my picks) and their fries with blue cheese dressing are addictive as hell.

    As an Eagles fan I hate that they are the official wings of the Cowboys. Wingstop just opened their first Philly location this year. I don’t think Troy’s picture will be on the wall.

  • I have never been addicted to hell. Brad, nice report.

  • Twinwillow

    Brad, IMHO, you’ve scored on ALL points. Thank you!

  • Brandy

    Brad… you def nailed it!

    Wings=Gross! and I’d never eat them. Now on one occasion I was dragged into Buffalo Wild Wings (yes drunk and against my will, but the trivia was fun as hell and made the ninth beer go down great!) I ordered boneless ones. Or chicken tenders, whatever. and NO they are NEVER spicy enough.