Where To Take Dear Old Dad for Father’s Day

fathersdayNancy started the brunch discussion a few days back. Sarah Eveans took that ball and ran with it. Here are her suggestions for what to do in Dallas for Father’s Day.

P.S. Speaking of Father’s Day brunch, just got a message in my in box from Go Fish and Dallas Fish Market. Both restaurants are offering 25% off brunch this Sunday. Dallas Fish Market is $35 per person; Go Fish’s brunch menu is à la carte. Both have kids’ menus.


  • Honest Dad

    Seriously…brunch?!? Do your dad a favor, since their are so few sporting events of note this weekend, either take him to Lone Star Park, or get him a room and a round of golf at the Four Seasons. Failing that, leave him alone and let him watch the US Open.

    He DOES NOT want to go to brunch with you NO MATTER HOW MUCH HE SMILES while he is there. He is only being nice.

    If you insist on brunch, be sure and kick him hard in the nuts to make his misery complete.