VonGeertsem Butcher Shoppe in Dallas Adds North Texas Grass Fed Beef

It’s hard to believe VonGeertsem Butcher Shoppe in Uptown has been open three years. Greg and Kathy Geerts must be doing more than just a little something right, they are adding to their inventory. Besides excellent cuts of corn fed beef, they now offer high quality North Texas Black Angus grass fed beef. 3527 Oak Lawn Ave. 214-219-3700.


  • Elijah

    Good spot, I agree. But since when did an Oak Lawn address become “Uptown”? It’s not even Turtle Creek, much less Uptown. If they are embarrassed about Oak Lawn, they should just say they are in Highland Park, it’s closer than Uptown from their shop.

  • No, I added Uptown. What is the dividing line for Uptown? Curious.

  • Darren

    Actually, I read somewhere (Dallas Voice I think), that Uptown is actually part of Oaklawn. But I consider Uptown to be bounded by Knox / 75 / Field / Turtle Creek.

  • Elijah

    Yeah, I think Darren has it just right. That’s where the entrance markers to Uptown pretty much are.

  • Michael

    What’s the big deal? Uptown, Shmuptown. Ther’re all within spitting distance of each other.