Swirll Winery and Wine Bar Open Again in Downtown Dallas

Swirll Winery and Wine Bar recently reopened in its former location in the Davis Building in the heart of downtown. The new owner, K.C. Kronbach, has revamped 3,000-square-foot-space and plans to offer the “largest selection of Texas wines” and more than 30 varietals by the flight, glass, or bottle. At Swirll you can also craft and cork your own wine and customize labels. It looks like they have a small wine-friendly menu, too.


  • Rawlins Bumper Sicker

    I am happy to hear this. That space deserved to succeed. It was ahead of its time but maybe this time its time has come. Cheers.

  • Tired Head

    Someday people will realize that no matter how much you build and add, downtown is still a over-hyped office park.

  • Justin

    @Tired Head.

    If you don’t like it, stay in McKinney and enjoy authentic southern Italian cuisine at Olive Garden and then tuck in for a night of Grey’s Anatomy on DVD. Don’t tear down people trying liven up the “office park”.

  • Dirty Dusty

    Every addition to the downtown entertainment scene is a step in the right direction, especially if it’s with people like the great folks at the new Swirll. It’s a cool place with a cool feel and perfect for downtown.

  • Michael

    @Tired Head
    Downtown needs all of the businesses it can muster. This is vital part of our city and heritage and we need to be encouraging of it. As Justin put it so well, if you want a suburban life style have at it. For those of us who believe in a vital vibrant urban cityscape, Swirl re-opening is a cause for celebration. Downtown is on the cusp of revitalization and we need to support it. We will look forward to visiting Swirl soon. You really need to spend a little time DT and see all of the pioneers who are at the vanguard of a new gentrification of this wonderful city many of us call home.

  • Texan Girl

    @ Dirty Dusty
    What is it that makes you think the new owners of Swirll are “great folks”?

  • Dirty Dusty

    @Texan Girl
    They are really nice. And, as a resident of downtown, I appreciate them taking a chance downtown…especially in this economy. Anyone willing to lighten up the downtown scene is great in my book.