• Wes Mantooth

    “They’re slogan”? Come on, Uncle Nancy. You’ve been sampling too much of the merchandise.

  • FortWorthGuy

    Being stuck in FW, I am not up on all that is going on in Big D. I do remember that “tiny stone store” that was originally a gas station and thinking that surely some land owner is gonna bulldoze it make it more useful. And that is what they did. It was a cute little building and it is a shame that it could not be saved. It is not exactly in the same league with Penn Station, but it is still a shame. I spoke to Stony and this happened a few years ago, I do not mean to imply that this happened just last week.

  • I’m still working on a rock opera Stoney and I collaborated on long ago. Sammy is in Africa now… started out along the lines of Tommy, but now it’s more like Lulu… God how I wish I could visit his store but I’m stuck in Taipei…