Republic in Las Colinas and Republic in Uptown Change Names and Concepts

I just got off the phone with Brian Luisi, a nice man at Las Colinas Prime. What is Las Colinas Prime? I’m glad you asked. It’s the new name for the former Republic in Las Colinas, the tapas restaurant turned steakhouse managed by Michael Costa’s Rainmaker Restaurant Group.  Brian also confirmed that Republic’s Uptown location on Hall Street is changing names and menus as well. (Let’s hope it isn’t Las Colinas Prime, that would be weird.)

I have a call into Costa, the man who has been involved in Dallas restaurants such as Toscana, Mediterraneo, Sfuzzi, and Trece. Hmm, interesting isn’t it? Wonder what Park Cities Prime thinks? Will every neighborhood in Dallas soon have a Prime? I sure ask a lot of questions for a girl from Dallas?


  • Mark Rogowski

    It is not a good place at all. I worked there and found out the grease in the fryers was 3 weeks old. I also noticed the bartenders pouring some other tequila into a Patron Silver bottle. They have been in trouble with TABC already oh and found some chicken laying out over night.

  • There has never been an employee named Mark working at Republic in Las Colinas. I find this humorous……

  • Concerned Attorney

    I have just received calls from multiple employees who have stated during their time at Prime they have yet to be paid. The restaurant touts they will garnish all tips and pay you via payroll twice a month. However, paychecks are always coming “in one more day.” It seems that the owner Michael Costa is quite dishonest offering hot checks to not only employees, but to the City of Irving, as well as multiple vendors. I am hearing is that there are multiple employees who have not been paid. I am currently review the case and will file the proper documentation and charge with the city. I am also in contact with the Health Department and TABC with a list of violations. I am assuming the place will be shut down within the week.

    I would like to know if there are other employees or vendors with failed receipt of payment.

  • Haha

    So my inside sources tell me that the Owner Michael Costa was arrested this morning…..this place and his company is a joke..

  • Marcus

    We are a local sign shop in the Dallas area and had made the channel letters for Costa shortly after the transition from Republic to Prime. It has been more than a month now and he has yet to pay us the remaing balance of the job which is over $3,000. This guy is a crook and he will pay one way or the other. We are now looking into legal action. I advise anyone and everyone do not eat at this restaurant or do business with this guy.

  • Marcus, will you email me by clicking on my name above.

  • The info above is all incorrect. The owner is NOT Michael Costa. Employees are being paid, as well as vendors. This appears to be the work of someone out to close this restaurant. I am quite certain that if Mr. Costa is aware of any debts on behalf of his client, it will get paid.
    The restaurant is open and has excellent food and service!

  • john doe


  • Erin

    I work with Marcus at the sign shop that made the channel letters for Costa. It is true that he still owes us the remaining balance. We have put our effort in getting the money numerous times and have gone above and beyond what we should have by going to his restaurant almost everyday when he told us that he would be there with our money.

    Also, it is true that Costa is an owner. Michael Costa is with the Rainmaker group that Bill McCrorey (the prime owner of Prime) hired to handle all of his business accounts.

  • David

    Well the restaurant is still open and running. They are doing well, so I guess the hot shot attourney above didn’t get them shut down and everything said must have been a lie. As far as mark ragowski goes his real name is Collin Kaskel. A former cook. And everything he said is a complete lie, he came in a week ago and admited to it. Its sad disgruntled people resort to childish slander. This should be about the restaurant, the food, drinks and the service. As far as the sign company, what kind of idiot puts a sign up without being paid first! If they really owed the money for the sign, the just go get it. Yet the sign is still up.

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  • David

    The funniest part is all you loosers have nothing better to do with your time. Grow up and if you have a legitimate issue then take the proper legal course.

  • DALLASChef

    My question is for David….Is your real name Michael Costas???? I have 2 cooks that were former Republic employees adn for 6 months I have been hearing stories similar to the ones posted. There is no defending these people and I can assure you there are several people taking the proper legal course of action. Fortunately Nancy’s article is uniting alot more that want justice and the money they are owed.

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  • Jake

    No I’m Rogowski. The dump has closed! That was a nightmare. If you do not get my first posting name then leave it.

  • Jake Shafer

    Mark Rogawski is actually a convicted murderer in California so that’s why I used that name because I feel like I was dying when I worked there for two days. These guys are done in Texas. If my info was submitted to Texas for employment then ya’ll would know who I am. But since I was NEVER paid I doubt the state knows I worked there. Maybe they can open a bar on a deserted island.