• Gastronome

    One of the crown jewels of the Dallas business scene. There’s no counting the number of today’s independant restaurateurs who got their chops under his tutelage. A solid Brinker pedigree is always considered a plus on a resume. My most sincere condolences to his family.

  • Lori

    Great guy. He did a lot for his community. And his ex started the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Brinker has a great spot in my heart. RIP Mr. Brinker.

  • Julie

    Great man, great boss, great food and great polo!

  • S.E.

    I’m up here in Canada, and the headline news blurb stated Brinker was “known for popularizing the salad bar”. I was shocked, and tried to explain to my in-laws that he was much more than that in the restaurant industry.