It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year to Eat Texas

J.T. Lemley.
J.T. Lemley.

Saturday the Dallas Farmers Market was teaming with a bounty of good eats. After the ice cream social, I headed to Shed 1 to pick up some local goodies. The temperature hovered around 102 degrees. Sadly, JuHa Ranch was  sold out of beef and the checkout line at Texas Meats Supernatural–a marketing co-op of Rehoboth Ranch, Truth Hill Farm, and Windy Meadows Family Far–was too long.

J.T. Lemley: The farmer's touch.
J.T. Lemley: The farmers touch.

However, the ever-present J.T. Lemley was full of tomatoes and peaches and Dr. Blueberry was selling the sweetest dang berries I’ve ever eaten.