Dress For Success: Blythe Beck Gets Ready For Her Reality TV Close Up on The Naughty Kitchen

Dress For Success: Chef Blythe Beck and Rose Room drag queen Edna Jean Robinson
Dress For Success: Chef Blythe Beck and Rose Room drag queen Edna Jean Robinson

We sent our editorial intern, Kellyn Curtis, over to Central 214 last Thursday to get a sneak peak of the Oxygen crew filming chef Blythe Beck’s every move for her soon-to-debut show The Naughty Kitchen wit Blythe Beck. Kellyn files this report:

By now, you’ve probably heard about Central 214’s executive chef Blythe Beck and her quest for Total World Culinary Domination. And you’ve probably heard about the reality show Oxygen is filming about the feisty red head, “The Naughty Kitchen with Chef Blythe Beck.” But you probably haven’t heard much more than that. Filming for the reality show takes place pretty much everyday at the swanky Hotel Palomar, and Thursday night was no exception.

Chef Beck’s kitchen got a little less naughty as cameramen documented Showdown in D Town benefiting Dress for Success, an organization that gets money in the pockets of women who need it most so they can get back into the workplace. Beck premiered her new poolside menu while guests downed signature cocktails and bid on luxury items during the live auction hosted by a drag queen.

Guests mingled and got their makeup touched up by Dior experts as they waited in anticipation for Blythe Beck to make her appearance. Fashionably late, the boisterous chef, with cameramen and crew in tow, showed up sporting her signature pink chef’s attire. She’s definitely not shy – it was like she didn’t know the cameras were there at all. She greeted each of her guests as if they were BFF, and “hugged it out” at the end of each conversation.

Central 214: Party on the patio
Central 214: Party on the patio

Cocktail waitresses served samples from the new menu. An avocado, mango, and pineapple ceviche served on lotus root, a watermelon jicama on plantain root, and a shrimp tostada were a few items featured from the menu. All three were light and refreshing, which was chef Beck’s goal for the poolside menu. Her favorite item is the watermelon jicama, because nothing’s better than watermelon and some vodka next to a hot pool. “I heart watermelon and that’s what Texas does best,” said Beck. If you’re craving something a little heartier, don’t worry. The menu will include staple items like hamburgers and french fries.

Back to the drag queen. Turns out, her name was Edna Jean Robinson from the Rose Room. An unexpected host choice, but the “self-proclaimed goddess of the trailer park” was definitely entertaining to watch. She made slightly inappropriate jokes and called multiple guests “sluts” as she auctioned off a multitude of luxury items and packages from restaurants, hotels and boutiques. In addition to auction items, handcrafted jewelry from Silpada was available for purchase. All proceeds, of course, went to Dress for Success.

Kellyn Curtis and Central 214 Chef Blythe Beck
Kellyn Curtis and Central 214 Chef Blythe Beck

Chef Beck is pumped for her reality show on the Oxygen network. To catch a glimpse of the action, put on your stretchy pants and head over to Central 214 and get ready for some deep-fried deliciousness from her naughty menu. (Unfortunately, you have to be a hotel guest or resident to enjoy the poolside menu). After the filming is done, you’ll want to tune in – she says she’s going to take over reality TV.


  • Bill Kimpton

    I just rolled over in my grave….

  • Brandy

    Is she naughty b/c of the food? Am I right on that? Didn’t I read that some where? Um… if so, can I just please respectfully suggest, that the LAST thing we need is another “I’ve just added two sticks of butter and now I’m going to fry it” chef/show. I’m sure she’s great person and I’m not trying to be mean… but come on! Enough Paula’s, and Neely’s and pork fat and Big Bites, and Dine in Drive in and Dives. America is FAT. Can’t we teach the ‘common’ folk how to live and eat HEALTHILY?!?!? Is that asking too much. My mom is overweight and I’m trying desperately how to teach her to eat good, but GOLLY the majority of the programming is about this crap. No offense to Chef Blythe personally. (of course mom’s favorite is Paula… hmmm… what are most of the recipes mom chooses to cook?) Paula’s. It’s enough to piss of the pope to me. ugh…

  • On Friday, June 19th, the camera crew followed Blythe to a Dallas Association of Young Lawyers charity fundraiser at The Tower Club.