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Breakfast at Wimbledon

By Hayley Hamilton Cogill |

One of my favorite days all year, and though my favorite Rafael Nadal pulled out of the tournament before it began, I will be watching with hopes that Roger Federer is there, and will continue on with his Grand Slam streak for this year.  This year’s final will be held on July 5th, yes the day after fireworks and celebration.  So why not continue the festivities with cocktails and some of your favorite breakfast indulgences.  Strawberries are a requirement for any proper Wimbledon breakfast.  English Bangers are also a favorite of many Wimbledon fans.  For me, that would be a fluffy frittata filled with local veggies, paired with a tall Bloody Mary made with “The Ultimat Vodka.” 

I know, it is hard to sway your taste buds away from the standards that roll off your tongue when ordering a martini, but if you haven’t tried this vodka you should.  It is fantastic, truly “ultimate.”  Made in Poland, it is an intriguing blend made from potato, wheat and rye, creating vodka withfinesse, and real character.  The vodka gains structure and depth from the wheat, richness from the potato and complexity from the rye, which blends perfectly with spicy tomato juice or on its own with an olive. 
Not the tomato juice fan?  Try it with orange juice, a little orange liquor and a squeeze of lime for a kicked up Screwdriver.

If you are more inclined to have champagne in the morning, one of Wimbledon’s staple drinks, but don’t want to open your bottle of Dom at 8am, try blending orange juice with a little mango nectar and Spanish Cava for a tangy twist on the traditional mimosa.  Usually made in the “méthode champenoise,” the same method used to make Champagne where a second fermentation of the wine takes place in the bottle, most Cava is crisp, fresh and affordable, filled with citrus, apple, melon and pear.  Cristalino is a solid, go-to Cava that is nicely balanced and well structured, with a great price point.

I have friends that are up for a Margarita morning, noon and night and adore great tequila.  Create some flavorful cocktails with one of the finest.  Herradura has been making tequila in Mexico since the 1870’s and prides itself on creating high quality tequila.  The Herradura Silver, aged 45 days in American oak barrels to soften the flavors is the perfect Margarita’s tequila, try mixing with a touch of freshly squeezed orange juice in additional to the orange liquor.  The added fresh fruit will round out the flavors a bit.  Or, try their Reposado, aged 11 months in oak creating caramel and sweet cinnamon flavors, mixed with tangy ruby red grapefruit juice, soda and lime for a refreshing breakfast cocktail. 

Or go classic Wimbledon with a Pimm’s and lemonade or a Pimm’s and soda, and a bowl of strawberries and cream.  Enjoyed by many at Wimbledon, Pimm’s No.1 Cup  is a gin based liquor filled with sweet spice and citrus first produced in 1823 by James Pimm.  Pimm originally sold the spirit as a digestive aid at his oyster bar in London in a small cup, thus creating the name “Pimm’s No.1 Cup.” It is the other of the two staple drinks at Wimbledon.