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SideDish Supper Club: Chef Hung (Finally) Releases Sake List

By Nancy Nichols |

supperclubChef Hung of Kenichi is one persnickety dude. No disrespect, I mean the guy didn’t get to be a Level II sake sommelier  for slinging hot futsuu. Next Tuesday evening, Chef Hung and the Kenichi staff of chefs are designing a modern take on Kaiseki, the traditional, regimented, and highly ritualized formal meal served to nobles, emperors, and wealthy elite. (Hi, Tony B!) Chef Hung has handpicked exotic and rare sakes to pair with the nine-course meal. Today, he spills the sake list:

The saké lineup for Tuesday is about ready and kicks 尻〔的.

Daishichi Minowamon “The Gate” Junmai Daiginjo from Fukushima – unique and very rare “kimoto” style daiginjo

Kamoizumi “Summer Snow” Nigori Junmai Ginjo unpasteurized from Hiroshima

Watari Bune “55” Junmai Ginjo – a superstar saké from Ibakari, a Kenichi staff favorite

Ama no to “Time of Reflection” Junmai Daiginjo from Akita – a superb entry from Akita

The gist is: these sakés all come from the top 4% of sakés worldwide. I’ve assembled saké to represent different regionalities and different styles. These will hopefully be pleasing to new drinkers but their finesse will challenge even the most experienced connoisseur.

So here is the deal—we know you don’t  love saké. Yet. This is your chance to taste the very best at a very low cost. If you ordered these sakés alone, you would pay more than the price of the SideDish Supper Club Dinner. And we’ve thrown in roaming Geisha girls, live Japanese music, and, drum roll please, free ($8) valet parking. We have 10 spaces left. Live a little, learn a lot.