Question: Where Can I Get Some Shaved Ice?

taiwan-shaved-iceIn addition to the John Tesar review, the NYT writes today about shaved ice—that popular summertime Asian treat—and all its latest gourmet variations. Think flavors like Earl Grey, green tea, and espresso with condensed milk which sets by coffee-loving pants afire. I know you can get great sno-cones in Dallas. (Hi, Aunt Stella’s in Oak Cliff!) But where can you find shaved ice? And does anyone do fancy flavors?


  • dallasboiler

    I don’t know of any shaved ice outposts in Dallas, but I do know of an Italian Ice operation in Royse City. It’s called Lone Star Italian Ice and is owned by a family that fell in love with the stuff for a couple of years they spent in Philadelphia.

    It’s well worth a try if you haven’t had it, and it puts a Sno-Cone to shame any day. (The basic differences are that the flavoring is acually in the ice and the ice itself is much finer and has an almost ice cream-like texture.)

  • MAO

    Saw that one star rating for John Tesar’s new restaurant in New York. Ouch. One star in the New York Times isn’t as bad as a one star in Dallas Morning News(hi Old Warsaw!) but it’s still pretty bad.

  • There’s a shaved ice stand on Garland Rd. near Lochwood- TC Shaved Ice (I think that’s the name!). Not gourmet by any means, but it does the trick.

  • Kelly

    That looks so delicious I want to cry. Ahhh, condensed milk.

  • goldie

    There is a great place at Hillcrest and Arapaho, maybe TC’s? I don’t remember the name but they have a huge, long list of flavors.

  • Not technically shaved ice, but a Jersey guy is serving up traditional Italian ices (you can get frozen custard mixed in) at the new Rita’s in Bedford across from Trinity High School.

  • DG

    King’s Noodle in Richardson does traditional asian-style shaved ice with condensed milk and toppings like red beans, peanuts, different kinds of mochi, etc. It’s not “gourmet” but it is very tasty.

  • Duncan

    Out Royal in Koreatown are several places for these red bean, green tea, etc.

  • Rawlins Nichol-Plated

    Look at the ‘Street Food’ piece I wrote for ‘D’ May 2008 that re-ran last month or this online. In addition to Aunt Stelle’s….

    I found, by going further south on Jim Miller to Bruton and going east to the Pleasant Mound/Pleasant Grove/Balch Springs border at 9185 Bruton Road…. the dream of a summer lifetime: Shaved Ice Snow Cones. Here they serve at a walk-up window ‘sno-ice’, truly the consistency of snow, covering Blue Bell scoops, and topped with one of 90 plus high quality syrups. Mine was French vanilla crème. As I told manager Isreal Draguet, it was like an old friend used to say when she’d comment something was so good it made you ‘throw the baby on the sidewalk’. I still don’t know what that meant, but it sounded right when I said it while eating Isreal’s offerings.


  • luniz

    The new “Crush” frozen yogurt place near Asia World had shaved ice on the menu I think, I didn’t try any tho. I also think that place near Caravelle that sells ice cream does it, but it’s hard to know since their entire menu minus the bubble tea is in Chinese..

  • Shane

    Are we talking about shaved ice (asian style) or snow cones?

    Asian style:
    I believe King’s Noodles in Richardson has the Asian style.

    May’s Ice Cream in Chinatown in Richardson has them.

    Snow Cones:
    Texas Cone Heads in Irving on Belt Line and Pioneer

    MC’s Snow Cones in Irving on MacArthur and 183

    Hawaiian Shaved Ice in Lewisville at Main and Old Orchard

    There is another in Irving on Story just south of 183.

    Aunt Stellas on Clarendon in Oak Cliff

    Doc’s Food Store at Meadow and Central in Dallas

    Chupacabra on Ross and Fitzhugh in E. Dallas

  • JG

    Sugar Mountain in Plano is a seasonal shaved ice/coffee shack next to Burger Street on the NE corner of Parker and Alma in Plano.

    Never been there cause I haven’t been around when it has been open. They have a twitter to keep informed about when it is open.

  • NC

    I just got the chamomile/orange flavor from Savoy Sorbet and it’s amazing. Sorbet, shaved ice…same difference, right?
    She’ll be at North Haven Gardens June 7th for our Farmer’s Market.

  • North of 635, where Audelia turns into someother street I think, is a great shaved ice place, and cheap too. They also do hot dogs, etc.

    Its more snow coney than Asian, but it reminds me of the Ice Delight days in Casa Linda. Yummie.

  • Katie
  • 5thGeneration

    You’ve got the give Tiffany’s suggestion a try. It’s called Rita’s Water Ice. I got by there opening day about a week ago and was blown away. I’ve never had anything like there Italian Ice in Dallas anywhere. I had mango ice with vanilla custard, and it was heaven.