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Question: What’s Your Favorite Sweet Release?

By Todd Johnson |

2781_1136807348357_1472567709_30324776_432050_nYesterday was a rough day here at D’s World Headquarters. Editors were late with stories. Artists were late with photographs. And I was trying to design—because that’s my job or so says my biz card—a 23 page feature in 48 hours. Ah stress. How did I relieve it? Take a look to the left: Venezuelan rum truffle chocolate cake with custard from La Duni. Soothed by the thick, rich ganache and hopped up on more sugar and caffeine than should be legal, I soldiered on with my design and even tweeted about the cake on our SideDish Twitter account. Which got me thinking: which sweet or fatty foods do SideDishers turn to for comfort? Comments are on, and if anyone says veggies or fresh fruit, I’ll smack you in the face with a canoli.