Look Out Chicago: Here I Come

Commercial kitchen equipment is sexy stuff.
Commercial kitchen equipment is sexy stuff.

I’m leaving for Chicago in a couple of hours to try and tackle part of the annual National Restaurant Association Show.  I have a few things lined up: dinner tonight at, home of the best margarita in the world,  Topolobampo, three seminars, and plans to hit the all-things-Korean booths. (Korean food has a huge presence at the show this year.)  I’ve found two Dallas restaurateurs on the program: Jeff Sinelli and Jack Baum. Baum is on a panel discussion titled “Back to the Basics With a Plan for the Future.” I hear they are already casting the movie. Sinelli’s topic is “Top Restaurant CEOs Reveal Successful Sales Driving Menu Strategies for Overcoming Tough Economic Times.” Or, in short, Nap Time. I’ve got my trusty list of street food ideas from you, dear Dishers, and I will get to as many of them as my elastic waist pants will allow. I will Tweet (DSideDish), blog, and flog myself against the machine.

Stay with me—I’ve got a couple editions of “Rumors Behind the Restaurant News” getting ready to break. Juicy stuff. Or as we say in Korean, ” 나중에 봐요.”


  • PotNet

    Any special reason for going to the chain-heavy NRA show instead of something more foodie friendly, like Slow Food Nation, Fancy Food Show, or the Southern Foodways Alliance Symposium?