Does John Tesar Really Have a Potty Mouth?

tesar1-199x300On May 22, Eater NY reported on John Tesar’s departure from Fishtail. Later in the day, they ran one of the comments below the post as a “Comment of the Day.”  The quote, a smear job on Fishtail’s David Burke, was written by a blogger who signed in as John Tesar. No biggie until The Village Voice picked up the quote and ran with it as an actual Tesar comment.(second graph) Yow. Zah.

I’ve heard many a tale about Mr. Tesar’s spicy language. (I’m not throwing any stones here.) Today the Village Voice has an interview with the chef John Tesar, who denies being the blogger John Tesar.

I’ll say one thing—no matter where or how he goes, Tesar’s always in a cloud of smoke. Like Pigpen in Peanuts.


  • MAP

    Man oh man, that guy stirs up the dust. He is known to comment under different names with koo-koo rants but I doubt he actually posted those comments. They’re too well written.

  • Columbo

    “A random offer to start my own company came after a group of businessmen dined at Fishtail. They had heard of me from my time at the Mansion and offered me this amazing opportunity to open my own restaurant in the Houston area.”

    Hmm. He was at Fishtail 8 weeks. The “Tesars Modern Sustainable Steak, Seafood and Stuff” press release says that this restaurant deal took only 3 months to get done (if you’re counting – 3 months is 4 weeks longer than 8 weeks) It also says that Tesar had already consulted with David’s Resturants & Co. on a restaurant in Steamboat Springs. The timing doesn’t add up. Neither does Tesar’s story. Never does.