Crumbs Homemade Pies Does It Old School

chocolate-pie-su-1646368-xThere are few things that make me swoon more than an old fashioned chocolate cream pie. It brings back memories of Sunday after-church lunches at Wyatt’s Cafeteria with ladies in hairnets dishing out pre-fab, perfectly round chicken fried steaks, soggy green beans, and, yes, the aforementioned chocolate cream pie with its thick, silky custard and mile-high whipped cream topping. Crumbs Homemade Pies’ kicks it old school just like the beehived beauties of dearly departed Wyatt’s but the Oak Cliff baker’s sweets are infintely better. Crumbs is fairly new—not even a year old—and I got to sample its wares last weekend. I had a hard time deciding which was the best: the coconut cream, banana cream, or chocolate cream. (Yes, I tried all three. Oink, oink.) Find out for yourself. You can reach Crumbs my email ([email protected]) or phone (214-538-2538). All cream pies are only $16 each as is the lemon meringue. The bumble berry is $30. (Full disclore: I forgot to snap a pic when I sampled. The pie pictured left isn’t Crumbs’. I just wanted to make you hungry.)


  • Lisa

    It worked – I am now starving.

  • Keith

    Do they have a physical location?

  • I tried the Crumbs pies at their demo station at a recent farmers’ market, and they were delicious! They said they don’t have a physical location, but you can just give them a call… I seem to recall them saying that they deliver in Oak Cliff.

  • OldDallasNative

    Lots O’ bakeries opening up every where…tasty

  • Scott @ Stevens Park

    I too was able to sample their pies this past weekend. INCREDIBLE! I would pay double for these treats.

  • JS

    There website is up! YUMMY!