Can Somebody Help This Poor Girl: San Antonio Edition

alamo_1Yes, I’m going to go there. But it’s Friday, NN is on a plane to Chicago, and I just KNOW you guys have some great San Antonio suggestions. Here she goes:

We’re going to San Antonio next weekend for a little getaway (without our child). Any restaurant suggestions would be appreciated. We are staying on the Riverwalk. We like all types of food, and probably need one place for a more expensive night out.

I’ve never been to San Antonio (I know, right), so I’m no help. Any suggestions are appreciated.


  • rodallas

    Grey Moss Inn.

  • Tina

    You can’t go wrong with Zuni, on the Riverwalk, for some great southwestern/Mexican dishes. Off the Riverwalk, Rosarios (south of downtown) is great Mexican; Demos (numerous locations) has terrific Greek food; Twin Sisters (Alamo Heights) is a must for healthy breakfasts.

  • aria

    Not on the riverwalk, but I’ve heard Freetail Brewing Co. is excellent if you like beer.

  • Kellyn

    Can’t go to SA without a visit to Mi Tierra. Food is good but the bakery is even better!!

  • Crazy Jeff

    Rosarios=overrated. I prefer El Mirador which is in the same general area.

    Chris Madrid’s is a really cool burger joint-I wish Dallas had a place like this.

    Taco Taco has incredible breakfast tacos. TIP-call ahead and order them as takeout unless you don’t mind waiting 45 minutes to sit down and eat inside.

    Liberty Bar is a pretty cool bar and grill with good food.

    If you want fancy-try Le Reve-think of it as the York Street of SA.

    And even though there are a FEW exceptions, most restaurants on the Riverwalk are tourist traps.

  • gm

    a week in the Alamo City is almost an annual given.
    A few good places:
    -Mad Hatter’s Tea House is a very fun little lunch spot, just outside the King Edwards historic district (beautiful, old nabe, btw). You could walk from downtown.
    -Las Ramblas in the Hotel Contessa is a fun Spanish place when if you’re craving a Gaudi fix. (would be a good night-out place)
    -the bar in the Hotel Valencia is very good as is the bar in the new Hyatt.
    -Boudro’s on the River is a highly regarded riverwalk stop.
    -Mi Tierras is perhaps better 3am food…you never know who you might find there….just sayin’
    -There’s also a Hear Music Starbucks right across from the Hard Rock that is very good.

  • S

    A favorite of ours is Rosario’s ( in the King William’s District.

  • PotNet

    Le Reve for the expensive dinner.

  • Worzel Gummidge

    La Reve — National reputation. Grey Moss Inn is the only potential competitor in that regard.

  • N

    Mi Tierra – some of the best pan dulce around Texas, but other food there is really good, especially after a long night.

    La Reve – yeah, great food, but it can be a bit “pretentious” for San Antonio. But Andrew does a great job there. I’d prefer to head to Sandbar, which is more casual, and he brings in some very good seafood. Great oyster selection, along with tasty chowders, soups and other cooked dishes.

  • ClaireBear

    I just ate at Boudro’s this week. The food is pricey but delicious. I had herb crusted fish with Israeli couscous.

  • Momcat

    For a lovely, romantic dinner, my choice in SA is Aldo’s, an Italian restaurant in a Victorian-style house in a neighborhood near the airport. White tablecloths, tuxedo’ed waiters, house-made pastas and sauces. Here’s the website:

  • Amy J

    Boudro’s is awesome. Or try Rosario’s for mexican. Paesanos on the riverwalk is a great Italian restaurant.

  • 5thGeneration

    You absolutly can’t go wrong with Rosario’s. It is a must when in San Antonio. I’ll also second Boudro’s for a bit nicer excursion. Try the blackened prime rib; I know is sounds a little out there, but it is well worth it.

  • 5thGeneration

    I forgot Liberty Bar… It’s right off I-35 near downtown. Great food and great atmosphere. It would be a choice from something a little more romantic.

  • Katie

    For a casual lunch go to Chris Madrid’s and order the Macho tostada burger! You get a bumper sticker if you finish the whole thing 🙂

  • MP

    If you must stay downtown, skip Mi Tierra and try Casa Rio. BUT, get out of downtown. Take a cab to La Fogata on Vance Jackson. You will need the cab after the margarita. And try Los Barrios on Blanco. And Eeho on Broadway. As well as La Fonda on Main.

    La Fogata and La Fonda are both really beautiful this time of year.

  • MP

    Correction – not La Fonda on Main. Try the one in Alamo Heights. It is near the McNay which you should visit as well.

  • Schilo’s! best restaurant in San Antonio!

  • Bonita y gorda

    I second Schilo’s as a good place for breakfast or a quick lunch. I am not sure about it being the BEST in San Antonio (there is some pretty steep competition). I think the atmosphere is what sets it apart.

  • Kellyn

    I forgot a couple more:

    I agree with those above – Chris Madrid’s so good. MMM burgers.

    Speaking of breakfast … Taco Taco ( – voted best breakfast taco by BON APPETIT and Details. (It ain’t no D Magazine but those reviews will do).

  • Dough Pizzeria ( – was just written up in F&W magazine. My personal vote for best pizza in TX. Get the made to order burrata. Ate there 3 out of 4 days last spring break! Owner Doug Horn trained at CIA.

  • MP

    oh sweet jesus mother mary Taco Taco is good.

    I can’t take this anymore. I am booking a flight.

  • Alie Jane

    I grew up in SA and visit every year. My suggestions for riverwalk/downtown:

    Italian – Paesanos Ristorante – Suggest the shrimp Paesano dish. Nice patio on riverwalk.

    Steak – Little Rhein Steakhouse – historic (oldest 2 story building in SA),pricey, nice atmosphere, sit outside along the riverwalk. –

    Fig Tree – owned by and next to Little Rhein.
    Pricey, white table cloth dining.

    Ditto to those who mentioned Boudros, Zuni and MiTierra. All very good!

    Things to see and do:
    Durty Nelly’s – fun little piano bar where people sing along and throw nuts on the floor (I know). You can also give song requests.

    Great martini bar: Swig’s

    Great place for jazz: Jim McCullum’s Landing, next to the Hyatt hotel. Also, if you walk out of the street level of the Hyatt hotel it will run you straight into the Alamo. Nice to see light up at night.

    Historic Market Square – Unique shopping, dining and entertainment. This is where Mi Tierra Mexican Restaurant is located and LaMargarita Mexican Restaurant. I prefer Mi Tierra’s. Great food, ritas and bakery.

    Historic Menger Hotel – Built in 1859! There’s ghost stories about this hotel, it’s been mentioned in several books. (Other historic hotels: St. Anthony (beautiful), The Crockett and The Gunter).

    King William Historic District – a 1/2 mile south of downtown/riverwalk. Beautiful historic Victorian homes built in the mid 1800’s. Cute little neighborhood.

    Of course, you have check out:
    The Tower of Americas – Bar and restaurant there too. It’s changed owners, not sure of how food is now. The Alamo (duh) and riverboat cruises –

    Other restaurant “musts” if you’re venturing out of downtown:

    LaFogata Mexican Rest – Great ritas, food and patio.

    Chris Madrid’s Hamburgers – Probably will be the best burger you ever have with globs of melted cheddar cheese. Lines out the door! Closed on Sunday. 3 1/2 miles north of riverwalk.

    Sorry for taking up a lot of space here. But, had to since I am a San Antonian at heart. P.S. Aldo’s who someone suggested, is not near the airport. Just FYI. Have fun in Ol’ San Antone!

  • Marcus

    I just sent some friends to The Lodge for dinner, they reported back that it was exceptional.

  • Here’s a list of our suggestions. Scroll down to view SA.

  • San Antonian at Heart!

    I grew up in SA! My suggestions:

    Riverwalk/downtown –

    Paesanos Italian – good food and patio
    Little Rhein Steakhouse (pricey, but good food and atmosphere)
    The Fig Tree Restaurant (owned by and next to Little Rhein), white table cloth dining, pricey.

    Ditto to those who mentioned MiTierra Mexican Restaurant, Boudros,Zuni Grill and you betcha Chris Madrid’s burgers (Oh my!!)

    Also, be sure to stop by Durty Nelly’s piano bar, great fun!

    Another Mexican restaurant 3 1/2 miles north of riverwalk is LaFogata!! Great patio!

    Have a blast in Ol’ San Antone! I’m jealous and now hungry!

  • former SA resident

    Lived in SA very briefly before being transferred with the AT&T folks – being new to TX in general, we tried a lot of Mexican places. The best food BY FAR was Paloma Blanca up in Alamo Heights: It’s off the beaten path, but not that hard to find on Broadway, and it’s really worth the trip. I still haven’t found a meal here like their green enchiladas… The best atmosphere with good food is La Fonda on Main: Great if you can sit outside under the lights. Food was consistently good, but not always great. Rosario’s is fun for a bar atmosphere and place to go if you’re down in King William, but also not the best food in town. Stay away from all the Mexican places on the Riverwalk – you could go to Chevy’s and get the same thing. Boudro’s and Biga on the Banks on the Riverwalk had great food – be sure to make reservations at Boudro’s b/c they don’t have a bar to wait at (and the wait can be long). Liberty Bar also has good food and a fun atmosphere (bonus – we saw Tommy Lee Jones there once).

    Definitely visit the McNay Museum while you’re there! Enjoy your trip!

  • Mike Ramsey

    Biga. Paesanos. Biga. Paesanos.

    Mi Tierra for breakfast or a late night pre-hangover cure.

  • Laura

    PAESANO’S. It’s a San Antonio classic. Really wonderful food, service and dining environment.

    Of course, Mi Tierra is a must-do as well at some point.