Bowling For Soup On Menu For Taste Addison

taste2007webbannerMe, I’m going to Taste Addison Saturday for three things: Live blogging, food and music, though not necessarily in that order. Just look for the big fella carrying around a plate of food. That will be me. But even if you are cutting back on festival food or not much into food festivals, the music alone is worth checking out. Office fave Old 97s are playing tonight. I’m going to see Bowling For Soup tomorrow, and, if I’m not so gorged on food and music, I might even stick around for Foreigner. I really should see them. You could almost say it’s urgent (Hi Nancy, you shouldn’t have left the keys to SideDish lying around – I’ve got a million of these!).

Meanwhile, BFS guitarist Chris Burney is a FOIC (Friend of InsideCorner) and FOICs are also FOSDs (Friends of Side Dish).  So, we talked with him about sports and the band’s upcoming album. Next time: We’ll get his favorite soups. And next up on the celebrity SideDish report, I think I’ll whip up a little something special with her.


  • luniz

    there’s a couple places worth trying probably, so I’m gonna go Saturday afternoon if it’s not raining.

  • Bad_Ike

    I’m too hot-blooded to put up with the likes of Danidiva. When I want to know what love is, I just check out what Richard Chamberlain does with a prime rib roast. Makes me wanna shout like an American Idol, er, jukebox hero. Luniz, if the weather’s too warm and humid, just grab a longneck at the beer stand. Cold as ice.

    you started it, Evan…

  • Hello, did anybody go????????????