• Stephanie

    hmm… another Tex-Mex restaurant in Uptown! I’m interested to see what spin, if any, they put on it!

  • Jennifer Chininis

    Thank god! We really didn’t have enough of those in Dallas.

  • Rawlins Nichol-Plated

    I’m with Jennifer on this one. Some math:

    For demographic starters, southeast Dallas along with Oak Cliff areas has, according to the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, has more authentic Mexican restaurants per capita than San Antonio, which was once the northern capital of Mexico.

    Then in the Dallas metro area at large, it has been guesstimated by recent random rogue research reports (unconfirmed at press time) that ‘Tex-Mex something’ cuisine (“From traditional cheese enchiladas to ‘futuristic specialties’ like sushi nachos or chicharon sashimi”) eateries are so prolific that “they collectively outnumber the sperm count of the average teenage male.”

  • Dallasite

    Same owners as State & Allen Lounge.

  • Stephanie

    haha, I was being facetious! but good to see the facts, RN-P.

  • TLS

    Here’s a good name for the new place:
    Been there, Done that.

  • J Paul

    El Ground Hog Day

  • DJ

    In the Uptown area close to State & Allen,there is no Tex Mex. S&A has been open almost 5 years. My bet is that the new place will have a great menu and great ambience.

  • TheKid

    DJ, not too far north is Manny’s, one of my favorites anywhere.

  • Darren

    Primo’s is close as well.

  • Scagnetti

    I hope they’ll serve swirly frozen margaritas, extreme fajitas and monster nachos!

  • foodie

    More Glob for uptown!

  • DJ

    It is true that Manny’s and Primo’s are close by — no doubt about that. However, within walking distance of where S&A currently is, there is no Tex-Mex. The neighborhood is so pedestrian friendly — you can have drinks at TABC, a great dinner at S&A and late drinks at The Londoner — all right there. The new Tex Mex place will be a great addition to the area.