Starck Club Documentary Screening Will Be Followed By A Party At Dali

One of my few/many memories of the Starck Club was finding Stevie Nicks not so elegantly wasted and passed out  in the “ladies” room. One of her false eyelashes perched on her cheek like a dead butterfly. Her black eye makeup ran like skinny sideburns down both sides of her face. Lacey patterns of white powder were scattered across the front of her gauzy red dress. I put my hand up and covered one eye just to make sure there was only one Stevie Nicks on the toilet.

I’m sure the new documentary Warriors of the Discotheque will contain many such stories. The time was the mid-80s when most club-goers consumed massive doses of designer drugs and had random, meaningless sex with strangers. Sometimes I miss the spontaneity of the 80s; other times I can’t believe I survived them. If you have a memory of the Starck Club, leave it below.

Here’s the news: There is going to be a screening of Warriors Of The Discotheque, The Starck Club Documentary at 7:00 pm on April 30 at the Angelika Film Center. The following evening, May 1, Dali Wine Bar at One Arts Plaza will host The Ultimate Silver Anniversary Starck Part. Former Starck DJ Mark Ridlen will spin Starck tunes. The film makers, both former Starckers, Joe Alexandre and  David McDonald, will be there. Attention promoters: I checked Stevie Nicks’ tour dates–she will be in Dallas at the AAC on April 30. She plays Houston on May 2. I’d love to share a glass of bubbly with her at One Arts. Get busy.
Film info: 214-821-3456 (USA Film Festival). Contact Ann “Hippie Chick” Spicer at Dali: 469-385-9360. BYOE .


  • Rodknee

    I’m not sure if it’s kosher to post a D.O. blog, but Jeff Liles produced a very well done flashback to the Stark Club Days:

  • amanda

    Rock me Amadeus…and the lights came on…that’s all I remember from the first bust.

  • Worzel Gummidge

    One of my few/many memories of the Starck Club was finding Nancy Nichols not so elegantly wasted and passed out in the “mens” room. One of her false eyelashes perched on her cheek like a dead butterfly. Her black eye makeup ran like skinny sideburns down both sides of her face. Lacey patterns of white powder were scattered across the front of her gauzy red dress. I put my hand up and covered one eye just to make sure there was only one Nancy Nichols on the toilet. I was wrong. There were two.

  • Jackson

    I was a regular at the restaurant Ceret, just next door to the Spark Plug, so when it had its big opening night, I was invited by the Ceret owner to attend. I didn’t see Stevie Nicks passed out, but I recall her dull set. It was a double bill, and Grace Jones was much better.

    I always get a kick out of the David Byrne film “True Stories.” There’s a nightclub scene that begins with an exterior shot of a dive bar in Oak Cliff, yet the interiors are Starck, including the MTV video for the song “Wild Wild Life,” which featured John Goodman.

  • Doc Frodo

    @Worzel a few days ago someone suggested you get some psychological help. The mean spirit of your last posting causes me to second that motion.

  • peggy levinson

    I remember going in the unisex bathroom, stepping over everyone with their noses on the counter, and completely changing clothes with my date. He must have been sort of a skinny guy – don’t remember.

  • Lanny

    Rick closing with “Only You” or “P Machinery”

  • Ann Frank

    @Worzel, I agree with the Doc – get outta here until you’ve gotten some help. I don’t know what your issues are with Nancy, but lighten up. To the rest of you reading this, let’s start policing this blog and deal with the worms like WG or we’ll lose the ability to comment altogether. It’s happened already with Frontburner.

  • Ilona lucardie

    I was 13 when I went there. My sister’s best friend was dating one of the bartenders. I remember some guy named Rodney who looked like a strungout goth pusher telling me, “You are old enough to party. Take some X. It will make you less bitchy”. He later went to prison. The club felt like clunky concrete excess eighties. Still looking forward to the documentary. Good times.

  • Margaret

    My first trip to Dalllas, OU/TX weekend freshman year… Some how my friends and I got in. (I know I was not “hip enough” to make it in on my outfit!! ha ha)

    I was too hungover to drink, but some of my friends tried “things”, we all danced with the walls, the halls and the poles.

    The bathroom scared this small town girl.
    But glad to say I have been there.

  • Les G. Jones

    I know of too many people who burned out and am thankful I never was tempted by the “white wafers” so I still have memories of SC (even though they are a little bourbon-hazy). As years tick by it’s nice to read posts by those who were as impacted by this place as I was. I was a senior at SMU when I first went there in over X-mas 1984. Very few weekends passed that I couldn’t be found there. And I know it’ll never be re-created–it was a magic combination of music, etc. that hit at the right time. I’m still a fan of the iconic music to this day.

  • Stacy P

    Magic… pure magic! I remember Losing You coming on (?) can’t remember his name, standing at the top of the stairs and singing in the most beautiful voice. And the bathrooms, if those walls could talk. What fun times! Glad I survived and remember (some) of them! 😉 I was there the night of the first drug bust too and remember the lights coming on and pills going EVERYWHERE!

  • r

    Does anyone remember the guy that would dance around dressed up like Bing Crosby with the pipe, i think he was an ex dealer.

  • I think Worzel is being funny. If he isn’t I will egg his house tonight.

  • Rawlins Nichol-Lodian

    I recall memories of the Starck Club anytime there’s an acid flashback. However, those stories read like the out-take galleys in the long-awaited La Nichols bio (working title: ‘A Breast of the Times’ or in France, ‘La Loo du Jour’.)

  • Rawlins Nichol-Plated

    PS Nichol-ette: In the spirit of the times, if you egg my house I want them deviled.

  • Vince Glartho

    Here’s mine:

    Grandmaster Flash: White Lines

    Going into the Cold Room after dancing for hours.

    X-Ing so hard that I would get lost in those curtains and sofas.

    Friends “swearing” they saw Rob Lowe making out on a sofa.

    The awesome T-Shirt they gave out for New Year’s Eve (white with the club’s logo in black).

    Did “Roderick” work the front door?

    Buying X from the bar to the left when you walked in.

    Being on the guest list and jumping the line. And thinking this was the coolest thing that could ever happen.

    Having friends in Austin who would drive up Thursday and come back Monday.

    Dancing on the stairs. And really dancing on the stairs.

    Drinking fruit juice to enhance the effect.

    Those guys who walked around in robes with the fez type hats??

    Losing your friends, again, and again, and again.

    Book of Love. Peter Godwin.

  • carol

    it was late. I was bored. In walks Rob Lowe. Black leather jacket, no shirt and raybans. He was clearly snacking his ass off. He was standing around and no one was talking to him. I watched him for a while and still no one talking to him. So I went and asked him to dance with me. We danced all night, talked, laughed and spent the night together. Such a blast…Just one story of many many exciting adventures at the Starck

  • Dr. Freud

    Doc Frodo and Ann Frank:

    I am here to say that Worzel Gummidge is one of the only sane people on this site. I suggest you lie down and take a deep breath. Maybe have a small glass wine?

  • Jamie

    I loved being greeted by Rodrick every time I went in. He was so right on with his tall thin stature, fez hat and draped pants. He always called everyone Miss Thing and me Miss Pan Am, (at the time I worked for Pan Am in New York). The minute he would see me he would unhook the velvet rope, give me a big hug and my night would begin. Loved you Rodrick xoxox!

  • Dr. F, Crime is naught but misdirected energy.

  • s

    The SC, heard so many stories and legends, wish I could have been there, I would have if I could have. All I got is the lame documentaries and the albiet somewhat lame Studio 54 with Mike Meyers…spin spin sugar, and rock 80s self absorbed X tabbin hookers…jealous, S!

    You’re all invited to relive the Starck one more time! June 6, I am having my 50th birthday there and opening the famous place one more time! It was my favorite place to party and I want to dance on the stairs one more time! They’ve added some walls but basically it’s the same space we all remember. Two great DJ’s, NO HIP HOP music and lots of great entertainment! Come play with me! 🙂

  • is the only place to get the information about the party of parties to relive the Starck on June 6!

  • Wm. B. Travis

    Hopefully just a few of the movie-viewers will be those crippled with Parkinson’s due to those designer recreational pharmaceuticals.

  • random memories:
    ~ Annie Lennox and Grace Jones
    ~ Knox gelatin or essential hair maintenance
    ~ Buying smokes from ever-fabulous Vaal

    “Everyone is trying to get to the bar.
    The name of the bar, the bar is called heaven.
    The band in heaven plays my favorite song.
    They play it once again, they play it all night long.
    Heaven is a place where nothing ever happens.”

    ahhhh, goodtimes, goodtimes!

  • for the June 6 party at the former Starck space. What to expect:
    Coed Bathrooms!
    The Cold Bar!
    Red Carpet and Awning!
    VIP line!
    Clove cigarettes!
    White couches and linens hanging!
    My favorite song “I’m loosing you!”
    Hope you will tell your friends! Tickets on sale now!

  • Some call me……..Tim

    Too many great times, incredible experiences, great tunes and off the wall people to recall but here are a few vivid memories off the top of my head.
    Roderick at the front door with his 12 foot string of pearls around his neck.
    Strolling to the front of the line as my buddy, Vince Glartho, made “the list”.
    The Red Hot Chili Peppers performing live in 85 in front of maybe 300 people. (If you missed that show you missed the show of a lifetime).
    The cold room after kicking into gear (hard.)
    The goldfish bowl of Eve at the bar in the back.
    The insane, mezmerizing cartoons and videos playing in the unisex bathroom.
    Lots of sex, lots of legal mind altering chemicals and lots of incredible music.

  • Angus Wynne

    Whole Lotta Starck:The Essential Jeff Liles

  • Josh

    I looked at the Angelika website but did not see the movie listed to get tickets. Are they available at the door only?

  • Film info: 214-821-3456 (USA Film Festival)

  • Colleen

    Who could forget the thrill of breezing past the velvet ropes after focused sartorial preparation and lots of Aqua Net – thanks to George, Edwige, Rodrick, and Dale.
    Loved doing the “Starck 500” loop and lounging in the loos, where people watching was second to none. The real “stars” of Starck weren’t those who popped in occasionally from NYC, LA or Europe, but the people who lived the life week in and out – aforementioned door staff and “fez guys”, Cigarette Bar Gal Vaal, DJs Rick, Go Go Mike and Mark, the bartenders who fueled our xtracurricular activities til the early morning hours with fruit juice, water and vodka(bless you), the hairdressers, boutique retail workers, waiters, chefs, artists, musicians, students, real estate agents, flight attendants, office workers and everyone else who felt a little more at ease acting a lot less ordinary.

    Everyone always mentions the seminal late night steaming hot Grace Jones “gig”, but what about THE BLOW MONKEYS…And Woodstarck?!

    Another addition to Rick’s closing tracks –
    Malcolm McLaren’s “Madame Butterfly!”

    PS: Who sang the song “No-no-no-no-no Senor?”

  • Jamie

    Magazine 60 did Don Quixote:-)

  • I was so excited to find, the first time I went to Starck, that a friend of mine from high school was at the door that night. I never would have walked to past all those people without knowing him. I was cute. But, probably not that cute!

  • Grant

    I remember walking out with my crew for a smoke and ending up in Lubbock Texas. Go figure.

  • Shelli

    Well… miss not being there tonight. Let us know how it all went. I was at the top of the stairs… doing the kick!
    Dance sista… roll’in, rol’lin, roll’in!

  • Pretty interesting post. Couldn’t be written any better. Reading this post reminds me of my old bud. He constantly kept speaking about this. I will forward this post to him. Am sure he will have a good read. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  • Pretty interesting post. Couldn’t be written any better. Browsing this post reminds me of my old friend. He always kept talking about this. I will send this post to him. Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thanks for sharing! 🙂