Somebody Help These Poor People: Two-For-One Edition

We’ve cut back on posting people’s pleas for help because they never report back. We all give our best and they don’t even bother to send a thank you. These two folks promised they would send us details if we helped them. Here they go:

I’m throwing a party for around 90-100 on a Friday night but trying to keep the budget around $6k.  Want no further south than nw hwy and will go north to 121 off of the tollway.  Most of the guests are staying at the Marriot Legacy.  Don’t mind park and preston in plano either.  This is for a Friday night dinner of a Bar Mitzvah weekend.

And this gal:

Hey, I need a place with a patio, not Fearing’s maybe Dragonfly, that isn’t too upscale or prissy.

Help at will.


  • N

    For the party, I’ve been to events at the Haggard Party Barn at Tollway and Windhaven. It may not be flashy, but it is a large enough space for 200-300. You can bring in your own catering and work with the owners on alcohol. The cost may not be that high.

    For patio-girl, there’s too many good options to list, but my favorites include State and Allen Lounge, Patrizio’s, Firewater, Truluck’s, and Frankie’s.

  • PAS

    Not sure how casual or dressy, but here goes dressier-ish patio options: Nick & Sam’s Grill, Hully & Mo’s, Bella, Daniele Osteria, Patrizio, Parigi, Coal Vines (covered patio), Arcodoro Pomodoro, Garden Cafe in Lakewood… or…

    You can narrow down by zip if preferred.

  • PAS

    Yikes! What happened to the little doodad that shortens urls?

  • Mac

    On the patio deal – I think Nick & Sam’s Grill or Patrizio would be the best depending on size of group.

    On the Bar Mitzvah, a group that size is hard to accomodate without renting out the whole place, but along the tollway options might be Maggiano’s, Pappadeaux, 3 forks (might be too pricey), possibly Maguire’s (size of party???)Oceanaire, Go Fish or Maximo in that new strip by the Galleria, Hibashi Grill

  • TM

    Can add Bolsa and Toulouse to the patio list.

  • Jack

    For 6K you van have it in my house

  • We’ve been attacked by PegNews. Slimy little post pollinators.

  • Worzel Gummidge

    That is a reasonable budget. If they are staying at the Marriott Legacy you can probably get a helluva’ prix-fix (with some options) at Coast, within walking distance of the Marriott). Talk to Michael Cox, GM. Nancy may have paid $5.000 for her meal but she didn’t have 100 people with her at the time. In this market you have enormous buying power. Expect lobster.

  • Worzel Gummidge

    Want something unrepeatable (not the language here)? Vijay Sadhu is Stephan Pyles new chef but is twiddling his thumbs in the evenings until they open in July. If your event is prior to that get him to prototype the menu in someone’s home.

  • Times Ten Cellars has a great event space – and you can get anyone you want to cater ( I suggest pizza!). They provide wine but you can bring your own beer/liquor. Just south of Mockingbird, so don’t know if that is too far – but it is in a cool area.

  • mt

    Thank you everyone for your responses to a Friday night dinner. Hopefully one of them will work. Thank you to Nancy for posting it. Keep up the recommendations.

  • shelly kamer

    For the Friday Night Party, Sullivan’s Steakhouse has some great options. They have a separate bar area that is perfect for a cocktail party or private dining rooms. They have set menus with a good selection and price range. And they’re off of the tollway between Frankford and Trinity Mills.

  • Wendy

    Hi, it’s patio girl here – thanks for all the suggestions!