Sigel’s Sign Comes Down: The Sky Cries

dscn2892Stopped in for the sign “funeral” at Sigel’s this morning. Sad, the store on Lemmon and Inwood is closing. The sky even shed a few tears as director of retail operations Bruce Carleton and I stood and watched the old gal come down. So the obvious question: Where in the Sam Hill is the sign gonna go? Carleton has been in touch with the cities of Dallas and Addison about getting the sign declared a landmark so it can be resurrected at another Sigel’s location. (That’s what happened years ago when the Lucas B&B peeps managed to keep their sign up on Oak Lawn in front of Pappadeaux.) It would be a shame to see this gem disappear like the poor old Tiki Man from Trader Vic’s. (He is suffering from terminal termite infestation. Slow death.)


  • NC

    NOOOOO!!!! I love that sign. I look forward to it whenever I drive to Love Field Airport. *cry*

  • It is a fantastic sign. There should be a place for something like that.

  • Victor Rojas

    Stupid recession. There goes another landmark.

  • On City Plan Comm we had a briefing on “significant signs” which had some protection. An example was the Coors Light sign, Lucas b&b (I think), and others. I thought this Sigel’s sign was one of those, but I guess not.

    Sidenote: I have pics of every version of that tollway Coors Light sign since inception. Long live old cool signs.

  • TheKid

    I don’t think Sigel’s is closing because of the recession. I heard the landlord chose not to renew the lease.

  • The Kid=correct.

  • Scott

    I thought the Lucas B&B sign remained up because the woman from the family that owned Lucas B&B married into the Pappas family. And the sign remained as a tribute to her side of the family.

  • Hey. I design signage and other architectural elements for stadiums, hospitals, cities, etc.

    There is a place for great signs like this:

    proving there is a museum for everything!

    You can find great old signage and lettering at alot of the shops in the design district.

  • Bob

    Why is it that cool signs are no longer allowed to be erected? In addition to bemoaning the loss of one or two signs, why not promote and encourage the creation and erection of cool NEW signs? There’s a civic issue we can all agree on (can’t we?). If there is a legal issue, change the law to allow it.

  • Dallas Modern Committee

    Check out the Dallas Modern Committee facebook page for an update regarding the Sigel’s sign.