Partner Shakedown At Tre Amici: Operating Partners Resign

Party's Over: Fruia, Lombardo, and Turano are now consultants.
Party's Over: Fruia, Lombardo, and Turano are now consultants.

Tre Amici partners Judd Fruia, Jay Lombardo, and Charlie Turano have “voluntarily resigned” from their posts as operating partners of Tre Amici Prime Steak House and Seafood (with an Italian flair). Tre Amici opened a week before last Christmas.

Chef Tim Soufan is still in the kitchen and is now a managing partner. Scott Larson, the chief operating partner (read: money behind the business) and property owner is still in charge. “This was an amicable decision,” said Soufan. “The guys are still consulting partners. It’s a decision we all made together for the sake of the business.” The day-to-day operations haven’t changed, just the financial set up. Last night Tre Amici did 200 covers, which is not bad for a Tuesday night. “Business didn’t ramp up as fast as it needed to,” said Soufan. “I think Fruia is going to pursue a business that is more feasible financially for him.”


  • mediawonk

    Saw a furniture rental truck moving out some stuff yesterday morning, so I figured something was up.

  • DTD

    I wonder if Rick Stein is laughing himself silly somewhere.

  • Great post.

  • Not Tre Wilcox

    Is that a picture of them laughing all the way to the bank when they first opened, or a picture of them laughing at how did they get into that mess today?

    Is Maximo and their tri-partnerhship next?

  • N

    Boy, I’m glad I didn’t work for them after all. Dodged a bullet there!

  • Daniel

    Tre Amici has the Brady Tinker radio show with Jet Terry from the Mavericks and the furniture is donated by CORT Furniture. The show takes place on Tuesdays and they deliver the furniture for the show in the mornings. I am friends with Brady Tinker and that is how I know this. They are still open and the food is amazing!!

  • Smith

    I was there last night. Food was outstanding. Staff seemed relaxed – Atmosphere was great – Good Times!

  • foodie

    the last two post smell like cover ups from tre amici staff…ha

  • RA

    Those guys were the reason I went to Tre Amici. I’ll have to find another place.

  • FSL

    I’ve dined there many times & met a couple of the Amicis. They had a lot of energy and took the time to get to know me and my wife. I’m just not believing they “resigned”. There has to be more to the story. I have not seen a quote from any of the Amicis. DSidedish should get at least talk to an Amici…

  • bob52

    Super Fantastic Steaks, but their Chef’s attempt at Italian literally made me sick.

  • lvnlge

    I’m going in next week to find out what the hell happened!

  • foodie

    Just ran into a few current/soon to be former Tre Amici staffers. They loved the former guys and the current guys “not so much”. One described teh chef as “creepy”. Is that location haunted?

  • StCtz

    I had one of the best meals in Dallas about a month ago. Went last week and it was just boring. The energy is gone. Too bad.

  • WillD

    Denise…that real estate isn’t so prime at all. Anyone who rents that place is destined to fail.

  • foodie2

    This place has gone downhill fast. No one in the bar – even on the weekend (we love WT), and only a couple of tables in the place. What a change from a couple of months ago. Will probably still go once and a while to see WT.

  • cindyt

    I was looking for a quiet dinner, but this once cool place is a ghost town. The chef moped around. What happened?

  • chrissyt

    “Creepy”? “Moping”?? maybe someone tried to fix what wasn’t broken.

  • surfnturf

    chrissyt, it is broken now. Horrible since Judd left.

  • chrissyt

    agreed. guess it takes more than good steaks to make a restaurant.