• Deepak

    This is the first remotely-positive review of Coast I’ve seen. I’m sure it’s advertising driven, but come on – it’s been voted universally unsatisfactory. I highly recommend surfing other reviews before dropping a packet here – local foodie forums, review sites, and particularly guidelive thought it was trash and I totally concur.

  • So you’ve eaten there?

  • Deepak

    Yes. If you haven’t seen, Eats blog is shaking their head at you too.

  • PotNet

    Oh, no, Deepak! The food critic at a competing publication is shaking her head? How will Nancy be able to face the day tomorrow?

    Leslie Brenner has been taking fire from her own readers for her inconsistent and unpredictable reviews every week. Why would she even mention Nancy’s review, unless she is trying to steer negativity away from herself and towards Nancy? She doesn’t even have the courage to contrast her own opinions with Nancy’s. Instead she throw Kim Harwell into the lions’ den.

  • Worzel Gummidge

    “But Perkins’ prep is tedious: he boils 100 pounds of oxtails and reduces them to two quarts of sauce.”

    100 pounds or 20 LBS? That how much veal I would need for veal demi-glace.