Monica Greene Returns To Dallas For A Visit

Monica Greene is cool, calm, and collected.
Monica Greene is cool, calm, and collected.

Yesterday I grabbed a quick lunch with Monica Greene. She was in town to visit family, particularly her 2-year-old grandson, and to cast her early vote. She’s still living in Aspen and running a small vegetarian/vegan bistro on the top floor of the Explorer Bookstore & Bistro. The Aspen restaurant is closed for renovations so she’s taking it easy. Monica gets offers “all the time” to come back to Dallas and open a new restaurant. Right now she is content–after 16 years, Monica’s Aca y Alla is still doing fine.

Monica is deeply committed to healthy cooking and eating. I pressed her for future plans but she wouldn’t say much. All I got was this: she wants to come back at some point. She is thinking about doing an organic, healthy Mexican spot in the old Arcadia Movie Theater space on Greenville.  She promises if she does another restaurant, it will “have a name you can pronounce.” Monica also said she would like to be in the kitchen instead of the front of the house. “I’ve been cooking a lot lately,” she said. “I never had the confidence in my cooking to cook at Monica’s.”

Confidence? Monica Greene without confidence? That’s like hearing Superman say he is afraid of flying.


  • That lady dishes great hugs. Wish she’d come back.

  • michaela0416

    healthy Mexican in old Arcadia location? Me likey

  • s


  • Bobby Ewing

    We were blessed to have someone as passionate about food as Monica, and I am thrilled she is on a “food pilgrimage” of sorts out in the mountains. But I will be ecstatic when she returns and treats us all to what she has learned.

  • Gastronome

    This town was better off when she lived here and will be far more fun again when she brings her entrepreneurial talents back. Thanks Moncia for all you’ve given us and please make your return engagement sooner than later.

  • Rawlins Nichol-Plated

    Monica Greene walks on water in my mind and Aca y Alla is likewise hallowed ground. Because of La Greene, beginning in the early 1990s, I experienced 9 years and several hundred Sunday nights dancing in Deep Ellum. Salsa nights that made every care feel suspended in time and any future look possible. This woman rocks so hard, the Richter Scales are recalibrated when she is in any region.

  • Scagnetti

    Ciudad was a gem!

  • I miss Monica and Ciudad so much. We’ve been searching for the perfect brunch place ever since Ciudad closed. It’s not out there. Ciudad was it. And now that we never see her at Aca y Alla… it’s just kind of sad.

  • PF

    Does Monica still own Aca y Alla?

  • Drew

    Monica Greene could open a dirty taco cart in a bad neighborhood and people would flock to see her. Lack of confidence? Never.

    I hope she enjoys her current time in Aspen and would look very forward to a triumphant return home to Dallas.

    Best wishes, Monica!

  • Kym

    I miss Monica and Ciudad as well…please come back to Dallas! Wondering where the rest of the staff is? I can let you know where to find Leann, bartender extraordinaire..just rediscovered her at one of the loveliest restaurants in Dallas – Salum’s and she is still one heck of a mixologist. Paired with Abraham Salum’s and his fabulous food – wow, what a combo. Go say hi to Leann on Wednesday or Thursday happy hour and stay for dinner!

  • Kym

    Before i get called out on it, sorry for the mistypes! I let my fingers do the flyin’…