Market Street Opens In Plano

Market Street, United Supermarkets’ all-in-one grocery store, opened this morning in Plano (W. Park @Preston). The first 100 people through the door will receive free milk for a year. As an added bonus, all 100 milk drinkers will become bloggers on SideDish. They will talk about milk every day for a year. Oh, this is going to be so fun. It just makes me Twiter all over.


  • Phil

    seriously. i wanna be at that conference table when the person brought up the “promotion” of “FREE milk to 1st 100.” it’s like they ran through all the good ideas and settled on something inane. if the location is any indication (buried in the parking lot), then i predict completed failure.

  • TLS

    Really Phil? I think it was a clever promotion and it worked given the fact that people started lining up yesterday! Plus it is like when you go to Target. You go in for one thing and come out with ten.