J Dorian Cupcakes… Mmmmmm!

cupcakes3We get lots of food sent to the office because they all want Nancy to write about them. We get Sprinkles at least once a week. Yesterday we got a special delivery from local chocolatier J Dorian: Besides a box of truffles, he dropped off a new product, cupcakes. Nancy doesn’t get too excited by all of the food sent to the office, but the rest of us in the office love it. Especially me–I could eat sugar all day long. So when NN put a box of 12 beautiful cupcakes on my desk yesterday, I got more than excited. (see picture.)

Then she lowered the boom: “If you eat them, you have to blog about them.”

So, here I go.

These precious cups of sweet heaven are UH-MAAAZING! The icing is made with the same high-quality butter he uses in his other products. It’s rich but light. In a nutshell – or paper cup, rather – you MUST try them.

They sent eight vanilla and four chocolate. You may not be able to tell in the pictures, but two of the vanilla were sprinkled with toasted coconut. Those were my faves. The chocolate creme filled chocolate was a close second.

Here’s how they looked before I did a face plant into them.


J Dorian Cupcakes
J Dorian Cupcakes


  • TM

    Oh man, those pics are making my mouth water!

  • Todd Johnson

    Oh sure, Kyle. Keep the J Dorian for yourself and have the rest of us plebes eat the Sprinkles. Rub it in.

  • Raya Ramsey

    I had a bite (or two, whatever) and they were so delicious. They were soft and squishy with magical tasting icing.

  • SLR

    Dear 8 pound 6 ounce baby Jesus… new born infant jesus,don’t even know a word yet, I’d like to thank you for sending these cupcakes

  • Carolyn

    YUMMMM!! Next time bring some home for your dewds

  • Carolyn

    Raya, that’s what he said…

  • heh…

  • Cupcake Lova

    Where can the rest of us get these cupcakes?? 🙂

  • Margaret

    @SLR: That made me giggle and smile!! Love it!

  • You can order cupcakes from J Dorian Here’s the website phone: 972-392-9499.

  • Robin

    Funny-you weren’t the only ones to partake in his yummy goodness today apparently. Had dinner at Houston’s-just down the way from J. Dorian’s- tonight. The wait staff told us that they get to routinely act as taste testers and they also gave the cupcakes a big thumbs up. Nice perk of their job, huh?

  • DallasChocolateLover

    He is on Beltline Rd in Addison right next to Houston’s. You don’t have to pre order. He makes them fresh daily and normally has them in the case with his cookies and chocolates.

  • Joanna

    I made my way over there today, after reading your reviews. I ordered a lemon and a white chocolate amaretto, which was cream-filled and divine; the lemon – eh. Just okay. There were four other options and the guy I ordered from (might he be the owner?) said they are going to start offering other flavors next week including, possibly, strawberry and raspberry. I definitely recommend giving it a try. If any of the other flavors are as delicious as the white chocolate amaretto, I may be on a first-name basis with them by the end of the summer.

  • shelbyg75

    Oh… these were sooo good… Got red velvet, white chocolate vanilla, white chocolate amaretto, lemon and extreme dark chocolate. Have only had the red velvet… it is sooo moist and rich. very very good! You go J Dorian!!

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