It’s National Grilled Cheese Month: What’s Your Fave?

2007-04-15_grilled-cheeseThe title above pretty much says it all. Eat ’em if you love ’em because April is all about the cheesy childhood fave. In Los Angeles, they’re having the seventh annual Grilled Cheese Invitational. Here? Nothing that I know of. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t celebrate and shove as much gooey grilled cheese goodness down our throats as possible. So, what’s your favorite? I’m partial to Cowboy Chow’s cowboy grilled cheese with brisket, horseradish cheddar, and grilled onions on Texas toast as well as the always changing grilled cheese du jour at Tillman’s Roadhouse (jalapeno focaccia and Gruyere = a lotta love). So, SideDishers, lets hear which one you love best.


  • luniz


  • George

    Jalapeno grilled cheese at Lee Harvey’s is fantastic.

  • Sarah Eveans

    Luniz: That isn’t a fun comment. Try again.

  • sam

    I love grilled cheese, just cheese and bread. Don’t trick it up and try to make it fancy. That’s the greatness of it, it isn’t supposed to be fancy. Give me a plain ol g.c at any diner. YUM.

  • B

    Nick & Sam’s Grill has a yummy grown up grilled cheese that they serve with tomato soup and a salad. It’s a great comfort lunch.

  • N

    Childhood Version: Mrs. Baird’s with Kraft American Cheese singles

    Adult Version: Soft ciabatta with a mix of Taleggio, Asiago and maybe some fresh mozzarella, add sun-dried tomato mustard, some freshly minced thyme and basil, then lots of cracked black pepper

  • Spicy

    Cowboy Chow brisket/cheese. THE BEST.

  • jpb

    The Dallas Fish Market has a great one on the lunch menu made with gruyere, fontina and port salute on killer sourdough…with fries for only $8! I get one ever Friday its so good. See you then.

  • Brandon

    Heat two cast iron skillets on high for five minutes. While the skillets are burning, shred a block of whatever you have in your fridge. I usually use jack, but gruyere is really great. Spread dijon mustard on one slice of sourdough bread. Crack some black pepper on the dijon and slab a mound of that shredded cheese on the other slice. Stack the dijon side on top of the cheese side and spray olive oil on one side of the sandwich.

    Once the five minutes are up, turn the burners off and use the skillets as your heat source. Spray the bottom of the smaller skillet with olive oil. Place the oil side of the sandwich in the larger skillet and place the oiled skillet on top of the sandwich. Wait till the cheese is melted, slice, and serve.

  • Brandon

    Oh, yeah. Courtesy of Alton Brown.

  • Hiccup

    OK, I’m kinda embarrassed to admit this. But the Formaggio Melt at Macaroni Grill is pretty dang tasty. Right in the middle of all this yummy cheese is a bright bite of fresh basil. Seriously. Try it. Just don’t tell anyone I sent you.

  • ash

    TABC has a pretty good one. I also second Nick and Sams Grill.

  • Drew

    I’m kinda partial to the plain old grilled cheese at Café Brazil – minus the feta. Thick bread, several kinds of oozy cheese. Just plain good and nothing fancy.

  • borntorhone

    Seriously – how can you not mention Lucky’s in OakLawn? Grilled cheese with onions, green chilies, tomato and bacon. It is the best.

  • Becca

    is the picture the grilled cheese from tillman’s? whatever is in that picture i want. in my belly. soon.

  • a GRILLED CHEESE is a sandwich that only contains CHEESE. I can’t stand it when people throw the kitchen sink in and try to tell me that the sandwich is a grilled cheese! ridiculous! keep your “fusion” to your self! hide it in your closet where it belongs! classics are classics and shouldn’t be degraded by cheap “gourmet” tricks!

  • that being said my momma makes a killer “GC” with colby cheese sandwiched between two slices of buttered Mrs. Baird’s. perfection.

  • metaphor? OJ ain’t orange juice when you add vodka. so it’s only a grilled cheese sandwich when cheese is the only thing bein’ sandwiched.

  • goirish

    The grilled cheese at Victory Tavern. Made with plain jane whole wheat bread and muenster cheese. A winner every time. Served with a bowl of their tomato roasted chicken soup.

  • DesignBoy

    Sorry, Creth. Disagree. It’s okay to change up a classic as long as it’s inventive and tastes good. The problem with most fusion cuisine is that it’s all about the tricks and not about the taste. As long as you respect the original–cheese, butter, bread–and do it justice then I say game on.

  • DTD

    I love that Cowboy Chow GC.

    The Fried Pimento Cheese at Chocolate Angel might just qualify, too. And it’s dang tasty.

    I didn’t think the GC sandwich at Nick & Sam’s Grill was anything special.

  • 5thGeneration

    No love for HP Pharmacy??? I’m sad no one has jumped up and given them any credit. For the traditionalists out there it is the best in town. Throw some pickles and mayo on there and it’s perfect. The pharmacy is just a grilled cheese institution.

  • guyndallas

    Hands down..Tillman’s. Yum-o.