Get Dallas Restaurant Updates On Twitter

A few days ago I asked local restaurants to let me know if they were streaming deals on Twitter. So far only two have responded. I’m going to add a Twitter Deals category to the site so that you can keep up with the updated list. Restaurants, send me you Twitter address.

* From Donna Tanner at Abacus:

Oh girl, he [Kent] is already there:

*From Keri Streiber Maggiano’s:

Maggiano’s is on Twitter!  Check us out –
We’ve done a contest/giveaway or two and tried to help coordinate some tweet-ups at various locations.  But the biggest benefit is talking straight to our guests.  Some tweet about great experiences, some mention not-so-great experiences.  But we’re able to read and react to them all – directly and in almost real-time.


  • Meagan Camp

    I came across Lazare @LazareDallas and they are running Twitter specials.

  • I ventured in to Pei Wei’s site recently and they are up and running.

  • – keep abreast of schedule and where the freebies are

    and – for specials and happy hours…West Village and Southlake

  • Oh also check out for cool cake shots and they do lots of giveaways

  • Added all above on DSideDish twitter. Thanks

  • Lumi Empanada & Dumpling Kitchen tweets too!!

  • Well, I’m not a chef or restaurant…just an up and coming restaurant blogger, but I’m tweeting at (@goodeatsdfw)

  • Kate

    Swirll Winery & Wine Bar is now tweeting @SwirllWine ( Updates on Wine events/ tastings/ happy hours!