Can Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Cheap Eats Monday

We haven’t done one in a while, so here we go:

Tonight I’m meeting a friend, who is in the same broke boat, for dinner and I wanted to see if there were any deals (outside of the Early Bird specials offered by cafeterias).

I know the Libertine does half price food nights on Sundays and Meridian Room entrees are half price on Wednesday nights, but I ‘m not sure about other places and thought the Side Dish nation might be able to help.

I know State and Allen Lounge does half-price pizza on Monday nights. Other ideas are appreciated.


  • Russell

    TABC has 50% off Entree’s Mondays – its packed with great food!

  • Karen

    Dream Cafe has a 3 course meal deal right now:
    soup or salad
    selected menu items
    and a desert 12.50

    after 5 pm

  • Jef

    Double check, but I think that Zen Sushi in Bishop Arts has $1-sushi Mondays.

  • Gator

    Barcadi has half price food, as well

  • Steve

    Stadium Cafe in Addison has $2.00 burgers (normally $6.50) on Mondays from 5-10. Cheap beer, too. They’re one of my favorite burgers in the area. Great place to watch a game, if you’re in to that…

  • j-ro

    Vickery Park has buy one get one free sandwiches.

  • Nina

    Sangritas – $3 food and drinks 4-7 & 9-close

  • Nina

    My bad. Its Sangrias…

  • dealster

    Shinsei offers half price wine on Monday’s.

  • s

    check out the GMT link on the bottom of WFAA for the half price deals…you can get a $50 gift cert for $25 bucks…

  • Alden

    Trece and Villa-O have $15.95 3 Course Meals on Sunday. Also, Breadwinners has 1/2 price wine on Wed.

  • Lunch Trio for $8.95. Choose soup, salad, and 1/2 sammich

    Dinner Stimulus $15. Choose from soups or salads, choose fantastic new entrees, choose from two desserts.

    A heck of a deal, and good food to boot!

  • Thanks for the mention! In addition to our Monday night half-price pizzas, we do daily dinner specials:

    * Tuesday – a BBQ pulled pork chopped salad (with drink) for $7.95

    * Wednesday – grilled fish tacos (with drink) for $7.95

    * Thursday – a whole wheat pasta bowl with grilled veg, mozzarella, pesto (and a drink!) for $7.95

    * Friday – beer battered fish and chips (with spicy coleslaw… and guess what, a drink) for $7.95

    You can find them all on our website at