Ballpark Food: Hot Dogs, Hand-Crafted Beer, And Paula’s Cheese

This morning I attended a media preview of the new food and beverage options that will be offered this season at the Ballpark in Arlington. What a feast. The best news is the addition of the “Value Meal” which consists of a hot dog, soda, and either chips or fries (pictured). The chip meal is $5.75, a $3.75 savings over what the items would cost if you purchased them separately. The fries meal will cost $6.75, for a savings of $4.74.

Another addition is the Ballpark’s new “Beers Of Texas” program. Fort Worth’s Rahr Brewery will be sell small-batch hand-crafted beer: Blonde Lager, Rahr’s Red, Buffalo Butt, Ugly Pug, Stormcloud, Blind Salamander, and seasonal brews.

But here is the greatest deal: The All You Can Eat section. I am not making this up. There are 2,100 seats in the Upper Home Run Porch (used to be Rawlings All-American Grill). Tickets in this pig-out section are priced at $34/$39 for Premier Games, but on Friday, non-Premium Games, the seats are $25. Did I mention it was all you can eat nachos, hot dogs, grilled chicken sandwiches, peanuts, popcorn, soft drinks? Baseball? Who cares!
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  • Ron

    Rahr beer is some of the best in Texas. The fans at the Ballpark will not be disappointed.

  • Sorry, somehow the picture of Paula Lambert’s mozzarella cheese got nipped out of the slide show. Will fix tomorrow.

  • Inkara1

    Draft beers are $5? When Arte Moreno bought the Angels, he famously lowered beer prices from $8.50 to $6.50, if I remember right.

  • Phil

    oooh. Ozarka! So choice!!

  • Yes, draft beers are $5.

  • Jack T

    Is this photograph royalty free? and if so may i use it?