Watters Creek Struggles in Allen, Celebrity Bakery Closes

Several suburban Dishers who frequent the eateries at Watters Creek have reported almost empty restaurants at peak hours. Celebrity Bakery has closed.  That makes me wonder why people stand in line to pay over $3.00 for a cupcake in Preston Center. It’s a crazy world.


  • luniz

    there’s nothing there restaurant wise to really draw people. Paciugo I suppose could to some degree, but it’s not really advertised. Supposedly the pizza at Grimaldi’s is nowhere near as good as it was the first few few weeks, when I hypothesize that they had actual New Yorkers working there. Mi Cocina, Brio, PF Changs…they were packed for months so I wonder if those are the empty restaurants? It’s not really any surprise as there are better, cheaper options available for all 3.

  • Kristiana Heap

    I went to dinner at Grimaldi’s on March 9, and the pizza was great.

  • Not Another Failed Bit, Please!!!

    We went to Brio Saturday night and waited almost 45 minutes for a table. The place was packed.

    You cannot go out to these places every night.

    Why plant this seed that it is a failing part of Allen?

    Get a life…

  • I agree with the above poster…we were at Cheesecake Factory’s bar Friday night, and the place looked busy enough…there was even a wait as we were leaving. It wasn’t SRO like it was last summer, but it was by no means empty.

    I don’t think we’ve been to PF Chang’s or Mi Cocina in the last two months at Watters Creek when there wasn’t a fairly full dining room…lunch or dinner.

    As for Celebrity Bakery, the one time I went there the food was average and the carrot cake was bone dry. I’d wager its failure had more to do with its food than its economy.

  • Rachel

    Just beacause Celebrity has closed doesn’t mean the shopping center as a whole is failing, really??? Um, also did you forget about the state of our current economy? Lot’s of restaurants are closing. Watters Creek is doing great!!

  • Rachel

    Just beacause Celebrity has closed doesn’t mean the shopping center as a whole is failing, really??? Um, also did you forget about the state of our current economy? Lots of restaurants are closing. Watters Creek is doing great!!

  • Gigi

    I am really surprised and confused by this report, because everytime we go to Watters Creek, Market Street and Borders are packed.
    Grimaldi’s is consistent and excellent and PF Changs, Mi Cocina and Cheesecake Factory are always busy. Sephora, Black/White and Origins have a steady flow as well. Parking is tight, too.

    Celebrity didn’t ever look like it was open, so we never bothered.

    Would the ‘sources’ Please stand up, Please stand up, Please stand up- ’cause I wanna buy that crack that you’ve been a smokin’

  • jane

    Celebrity never looked open, so we didn’t bother.

    Watters Creek is hopping and the restaurants are always packed. And Market Street. And Borders.

    I want summa the crack that the ‘sources’ are a smokin’, ’cause they are high…

  • mikenfrisco

    The Dallas proper elitists have to torch the Burbs for some reason. You’ve heard the other ones, “all the houses look the same”…”no trees”…”no character”. I just always come back with better schools, more house for the money, less crime. They don’t seem to care about those though.

  • Hazel

    What a bunch of rhetoric crap. Celebrity was closed most of the time and I would say the difficulties we have finding parking places are a direct reflection that, in fact, Watters Creek, is doing just fine.

    I love this shopping center and it has been the best thing that has happened to Allen. Tell your ‘sources’ to sell their grape kool-aid at another corner. Allen isn’t buying.

  • You have got to be kidding me to write that Watters Creek is not an amazing success. The experience is the BEST in the metroplex, with creeks, lakes and trees complimenting a great restaurant line up and retail mix!!!
    Someone at D should investigate Celebrity, they were pathetic from a service and food standpoint. Who would pay $9 for a salad that was terrible and service to match.
    Oh, and in this economy someone could note all the closing inside LBJ too….

  • To all who read this article, take time to investigate Watters Creek, if you go on a sunny weekend or afternoon make sure you have time to enjoy this beautiful center. A lunch on one of the 9 outdoor patios/decks and you will discover a great dining experience, or maybe just a margarita at Mi Cascina will be best. I’m a regular patron and its very apparent the writer of ths article went on a cold and rainy day…with a preconception too!

  • Amy

    I would have to say that the food quality and high prices had a lot more to do with Celebrity closing than traffic at Watters Creek. Celebrity closed one of their locations in Plano on Park not too long ago as well. There are much better cafes (Elkes) in Allen to visit.

  • EBL

    Try going to most any of the restaurants in Watters Creek on a Saturday night… there will be a hefty wait at any of them. (with the exception of Woodlands Grill…)

    I am not surprised that Celebrity closed. Every time I went there, it took forever to get anything (even just a cookie and a lemonade) and the people behind the counter always acted aloof and unfriendly.

  • Jane

    What a load of gossipy crap. Celebrity never looked open, so we never bothered. All of the restaurants are booming and Market Street and Borders are always packed. Tell the ‘sources’ to sell their Grape kool-aid at another corner, ’cause Allen ain’t buyin’.

  • ss

    Watters Creek is a failure, leasing hurdles have not been met and bank is not willing to give any more money. Get used to the empty lease spaces, what a joke Watters Creek is!