Tre Amici Gives 60 Year Old Lobster a New Life

Judd Fruia, owner of Tre Amici, is a smart restaurateur with a soft spot for lobsters. According to NBC, a Tre Amici customer ordered a big lobster and when Fruia brought out Barney, a 60 year old lobster, the customer couldn’t bear to eat it. So Fruia and the customer have decided to donate Barney to the Dallas World Aquarium where he can live another 20 or so years. You can watch the video here.


  • KUDOS!

  • I think my last date was a 60-year-old lobster.

  • Oooh–and not in a good way, Evan 🙂

  • Gastronome

    Kudos indeed!

  • Rawlins Nichol plated

    Sincere Cheers! God knows why this story is so ‘feel good’. But God knows at this point anything that has a happy ending is welcomed like a gift certificate to Sprinkles at a Mary Kay convention.

  • Pot Net

    A happy ending for one lobster. Death for the rest of them that come into Fruia’s restaurant.

    A photo-op presidential pardon for the Thanksgiving turkey isn’t “feel good,” when you learn that the White House kitchen uses dozens of other unpardoned turkeys for dinner.

  • mother earth

    I’m with Pot Net, no one ever talks about the hundreds of spinach plants that were murdered and then raped of their leaves to make salads. I wish I could save them all.