• Scagnetti

    According to their web site, the Dallas location closes at 3:30 PM. WTF?

  • Nancy Nichols

    They are only open for breakfast and lunch. They do a lot of catering.

  • The food at this place is amazing; everything has the homemade, deli-style flavors. This is the real deal, and the yummy pickles at the table are incredible, not to mention the sandwich.

    Go hungry!

  • JHS

    Not too sure about how ‘authentic’ and NY style this place is? Ordered a WhiteFish Salad platter. Get this, the waiter asks what dressing I would like. OK, I’ll let that slide. But the kicker was I get a platter that is dressed with bell peppers and a wedge of lemon. What the hell is this. Now the tomato and onion is there but where in are the capers.

    Bell Peppers in a NY deli – Doesn’t compute!

    Oh the clincher was they forgot to serve the bagel and when I reminded the waiter he brought me a bagel that was already shmeared with cream cheese.

    Not too sure I’ll be back. I only hope the new spot at Preston Royal S/C is better when it debuts!

  • White Rock Eagle

    Good news and bad news.

    Good news includes a nice, new sitting area when you first walk in, as well as an impressive remodeling which lends a more airy feel overall.

    VERY NICE TOUCH is complimentary cole slaw on the table (and it’s very good) and a jar of easily the best half-sour pickles I’ve ever had. The pickles alone make the trip worthwhile.

    We got a reuben which wasn’t bad, but not great. Salty but good fries came with it. I ordered the Trifecta, which is where things went off the rails a bit.

    Served on not very fresh challah bread, you get 3 sandwiches. One contains corned beef, one pastrami and one baseball sized lump of chopped liver. I thought I’d be getting all three ingredients on each of the sandwiches, so it threw me a bit. I think it would have been better in my version.

    Service was very good (you could say they’re overstaffed, there were so many waiters). Prices about the same as Deli News. Good selection of takeout.

    VERDICT: go for the pickles and slaw, order your sandwiches on rye and you’ll be just fine.

  • Ny Monster

    Ok …. I have been to a few deli’s in my time but roasters was by far the best. The pickels on the tables the slaw, omg they even had black and white cookies. The service was so fast and attenitive. i think i found my new lunch spot. . . show me deli with good pastrami and ill show my new favorite deli

  • DJ Notorious

    I just found the most amazing deli. ok i used go to deli news quite offten, cause there was nothing good around. but after going to roasters n toasters i found my new afternoon lunch getaway. i actually feel like im in NY. i saw that they had a few in miami what to took them so long to get to dallas>>>???? anyways the pickels. to die for, and the 1/2 sandwhich with a soup deal is amazing. can some body say matza ball soup. im soo glad you guys are finally here