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Split Second Review: The Suits Are Alive and Well at Nick & Sam’s Grill


Here at D’s world headquarters, everyday is casual Friday. Jeans, “vintage” t-shirts from Target, Vans loafers. You know the look. But not so at the new Nick & Sam’s Grill in the old Strong’s Everyday Tavern spot in Uptown. A few of us dropped by for lunch earlier this week and we felt a little underdressed amid all the Canali, Prada, and Ralph Lauren. It might be billed as a casual offshoot of the original N&S steakhouse, but this expense account friendly sibling is already attracting the power tie brigade in droves. If you want to impress your business lunch companion without dropping some serious coin, this is the place to sip and be seen. As for the food, our table stuck to the sandwiches and we were satisfied for the most part. The brisket burger was rich and juicy. A shrimp club sandwich disappointed with its watery shrimp salad. Too much dressing, not enough shrimp. Happily, the soups were a hit all around: roasted tomato, white bean, and a fragrant chicken noodle. An appetizer of teriyaki drenched chicken drumettes hit the right meaty note as well. And of course, N&S Grill serves the same crispy, buttery, and well-seasoned fries that owner Phil Romano doles out at the original N&S as well as his Who’s Who burgerhouse. They come in a mini fryer basket, a cute decorative touch. All in all, good food and great people watching though you might want to forgo the Converse for a pair of designer wingtips.