Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Breakfast

There are several people around here that don’t think it’s a great idea to do a story about eating breakfast in Dallas. I love the idea: pancakes, bacon, fancy eggs, sloppy eggs, breakfast tacos, bacon, ethnic variations, bacon. Help me convince these creeps that Dallas is full of great breakfast bites. I’m in for the cinnamon rolls at Mecca.


  • Wickie

    Just put bacon on the cover it will sell like hotcakes! I LOVE breakfast and my favorite spot is Gold Rush.I get the breakfast tacos with bacon and I add the side of hashbrowns inside the taco and go to town!

  • Kelly

    Huevos Rancheros – Herrera’s (the one on Maple)

  • Bethany

    God…the Mecca. I’d eat there every weekend if I could.

  • Who serves really good American fries for breakfast? I’m sick of those wimpy frozen grated “hash browns”.


  • Ryan

    Barbecs is the best in East Dallas. Beer biscuits anyone

  • maria

    Breakfast tacos & burritos from Taco Joint!

  • OMG – my husband and I venture out for brunch every Sunday morning.

    My favorites include:
    Legal Grounds
    The Grape

    My husbands favorites include:
    Taco Joint (not open on Sundays)
    El Mercado
    Black Forest Cafe

  • LouLou

    Cafe Brazil. Why would you want to go anywhere else?

  • Hallie

    The breakfast tacos at Luna’s Tortilla Factory are out of this world, I love their classic bean and jalapeno – divine!

  • Marcus

    The Hat Trick (huevos, with bacon and a short stack) at All Good Cafe

    The biscuits at Barbec’s.

    The aforementioned Mecca.

    Cindi’s for an omelette.

    Lucky’s for great breakfast and great people watching.

    Breadwinners for breakfast lasagna.

    Cafe Brazil for the chorizo empanada.

    Just to start.

  • Margaret

    We had brunch at State and Allen and they had a “Toad in the Hole” that was so yummy I wanted to go back the next day and have the exact same thing!!

    There side was blue fried potatoes.

  • OMG – My husband and I trek all over Dallas for brunch every Sunday!

    My favorites:
    Legal Grounds (Prom cakes & cheesy egg casserole)
    Breadwinners (Bananas Foster Pancakes)
    The Grape (Frittata!)

    My husband’s favorites:
    El Mercado (chorizo burriots)
    Taco Joint (EVERYTHING)
    Black Forest Cafe

  • Adamundo

    Let’s throw some love Cowtown way. How ’bout Montgomery Street Cafe?

  • Cari

    Another Broken Egg in Casa Linda and
    Norma’s in Oak Cliff are two of my favorites.

  • Jason

    Buzzbrews… Greatness!!

  • John C

    The House Cafe in Richardson. Great food, service and prices. I don’t know why anyone would go to Denny’s or IHOP with places like this around.

  • whoknew

    Migas at Angela’s
    or Migas at Casa Navarro

  • TM

    Zagaun’s for fabulous sweet and savory breads, coffee, arepas, cachapas, and a slew of other goodies.

  • kYle

    Tacos at Taqueria El Fuego in Richardson. The tortillas are made while you wait.

  • Marcus

    @ Whoknew

    Where is the Anglea’s you speak of?

  • Marcus

    ^Angela’s, not Anglea’s

  • DGirl

    I love Cafe Italia’s brunch. Brisket Eggs Benedict. Scary good.

  • Anna

    Original Pancake house – but get there early!
    Taco Joint is great also

  • Stephanie

    The Cliff Cafe. Service could be better, but love the menu.

  • whoknew

    Angela’s Diner at Lovers and Inwood. Added value= breakfast served all day

    And daily specials… Friday is Pot Roast day!

  • Dallas Dude

    I will echo those that have listed Taco Joint – it’s a Saturday morning tradition for me.

    Also, I’ve mentioned them a few times in this space before, but you cant forget the Prom Cakes at Legal Grounds!

  • JB

    John’s Cafe @ Greenville/Ross.

  • best pancakes in Dallas/the world? the cloud cakes at Dream Cafe

    best biscuits on earth/Dallas? Barbec’s

    best bacon? anywhere that sells the stuff, duh!

  • OneArtDirector

    If you consider coffee your actual breakfast like I do, then the new Pearl Cup Espresso Bar on the corner of Henderson/McMillan easily wins. It tastes a million times better than Starbucks and they even use a local guy as their roaster.

    Be sure and try the Pearl Latte or the Mocha Latte—my favs. They also serve french toast and frittatas on the weekends in addition to their everyday food items.

    The owners (Rita and Carlene) are very active behind the counter and really take a genuine interest in their customers. I highly recommend that ya’ll go and check it out.

    And no, I wasn’t paid for this endorsement. I really want to see these ladies succeed. =)

  • Elizabeth

    1. Taco Joint
    2. Gold Rush
    3. Market Diner

    ‘Nuff said.

  • Hi Everyone! Thanks OneArtDirector for the kind words. Please do come check us out. We’ve been open for two weeks now and have had a great reception from the neighborhood! If you’re a hardcore espresso drinker you will not be disappointed but I encourage you to try our Pearl Latte. It’s a secret recipe so I can’t tell you what’s in it but everyone loves it so far! Rita and I are striving to make folks feel at home and give you the best coffee drinks in Dallas! See you soon! 1900 N Henderson Ave Dallas TX 75206

  • Taco Joint, Barbecks, Dream Cafe, Kuby’s, Kathleen’s, Ed’s (RIP), BuzzBrews… is that enough?

  • Fab comments. Keep ’em coming. Love breakfast.

  • JR

    John’s cafe is my favorite!!!

  • Jvegas

    I’m a gringo regular at Luna’s on Harry Hines for very solid breakfast tacos. Family biz with very nice folks & great tacos – call ahead and they are ready when you get there.

    Excellent Topic! I will definitely be trying Taco Joint this weekend.

  • Being a simple girl with simple taste, I love The Original Pancake House. Great pancakes and great thick slices of bacon. They even have a breakfast called the “bacon lover”. I think it comes with a defibrillator.

    I will try Another Broken Egg Cafe this weekend. Got to support Eastside/Casa Linda!

  • Katie

    Kathleen’s Sky Diner is my current fave. Best egg dishes and the biggest mimosas around. Plus now that the weather’s getting nicer the “garage” will be open and you can feel like you’re dining at an adorable NYC streetside cafe… minus all the yankees.

    Also Angela’s and Original Pancake House. Don’t forget La Duni.

  • alex

    Esquire just released their list of the best in America (see here and sadly none of these tasty Dallas joints made the top 59…

  • jamal

    Poor Richard’s in Plano.

  • m

    1. Lucky’s
    2. Dream Cafe
    3. Buzzbrew’s
    4. John’s Cafe
    5. Fuel City

  • in the actual Esquire print article they mention Cafe Brazil, which is as overrated as their copycat BuzzBrew.

    I don’t want nuts in my french toast and I don’t think Mexican sausage makes my eggs any more special than they were with a little Jimmy Dean in ’em.

  • Rodknee

    Has anyone tried the Stoneleigh biscuits and gravy?

  • don’t get me started on potatoes that belong on a Greek menu but somehow find themselves on breakfast plates….

    it’s breakfast! how can so many restaurants screw it up??!

  • one knock against Dream Cafe? $. but I say their cloud cakes are worth every penny. I’ve never had better pancakes in my entire life

    and correct the wait staff next time they ask you if you mean sausage or vegetarian sausage. vegetarian sausage?? oxy-moron

  • Robin

    The Dream Benedict from The Dream Cafe is how I define heaven on a Saturday morning.

  • Gastronome

    El Jordan in the Bishop Arts district ALWAYS runs a line on the weekends, then again so does the Original Pancake House … speaks for itself.

  • Puddin’Tane

    Sunday brunch at State and Allen Lounge.

  • KRM

    Thanks for the tips. I’ll try the taco joint this weekend. our faves our La Duni, Kuby’s, and Kathleen’s. my wife and I really think that Breadwinners, Buzzbrews and Cafe Brazil are overrated.

  • Daniel

    Best migas in town: Cafe San Miguel. Sundays only.

    I inexplicably despise Cafe Brazil. I can neither defend my position nor quell my contempt for this … this … restaurant.