Sioux-Z-Wow Sauce Available At TJ’s Market

Jon Alexis of TJ’s Market is one excitable boy. Jon and his parents Caren and Pete and brother Matthew, run a nifty seafood shop and catering operation in Preston Forest. They are also food nerds, which is a great thing. What does that mean? It means they scour the earth for great products to compliment their seafood. Currently TJ’s is the only retail location in Texas for Sioux-Z-Wow sauce, a marinade you can cook with or just drink by itself. (I made that last part up.) Jon writes:

It’s a dip. It’s a sauce. It’s a marinade. It’s a delicious unique blend of sweet & spicy…think garlic, red chile and caramel.It’s fat free too. Excellent to marinate TJ’s salmon, swordfish, scallops, shrimp, tilapia, tuna and more. Put a tablespoon in your hamburger meat. Mix with olive oil for a salad dressing.

See what I mean about excitable? Geezer alert: His pitch reminds me of this. Oh, those were the days.


  • jon

    here is a fun recipe for “Sioux-Z-Wow Fish Tacos”
    Serves 4

    10 Tpns. Sioux Z Wow Marinade
    2 lbs Red Snapper, Tilapia or Sea Bass Filets
    8 regular Tortillas, corn or flour
    1 bunch Fresh Basil, stemmed
    1 bunch Fresh Cilantro, stemmed
    4 Green Onions, sliced thinly
    2 inches Fresh Ginger, peeled & diced
    2 med. Tomatoes, diced
    4 leaves Nappa cabbage, cut in strips, green part only
    1 lg., Red Pepper, cut in thin strips
    2 lg. Limes, cut in wedges
    4 oz. Peppered Feta Cheese, Crumbled
    4 T. Mayonnaise (low or fat free)
    Sioux Z Wow for drizzling & dipping

    To Marinate: Wash fish fillets and pat dry.
    Place in a zip top bag with 10 T. Sioux Z Wow. Secure bag closed & coat all sides. Marinate 2-3 hr.

    To Cook: Grill or broil fish, adding more Sioux Z Wow after turning. Cook about 5 min. per side. Place on paper towels to drain. Then place in foil to keep warm.

    To Assemble Tacos: Line up small containers of each ingredient and:
    a. Spread 1/2 T. mayo on each tortilla.
    b. Line each tortilla with a few basil & cilantro leaves.
    c. Add Sioux Z Wow fish down the center of each tortilla.
    d. Sprinkle & place on each; green onions, ginger, tomatoes, cabbage & red pepper.
    e. Squeeze lime juice over each assembly & scatter Feta cheese over each.
    Drizzle a bit more Sioux Z Wow across the top.

    To Serve: Roll each into a cone & serve with refried beans and rice.