Road Trip Proposal: Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival

Okay all of you bacon-lovin’ Dishers, we are taking a road trip next year. We’re going to Des Moines. That’s in Iowa. Specifically, next February when the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival takes place. We will take InsideCorner’s Evan Grant with us and watch him compete in the bacon eating contest. We will drink bacon Bloody Mary’s and eat bacon-candied ice cream. I’m checking the dates for next’s years gig. Who is in? I am serious. PK, you rock.


  • Don in Austin

    Dang it! I searched for and found that very same image and was going to post a link but you’re already there (for some reason the blog images don’t appear until I select ‘comment’).

    Best eaten cooked, though. Bacon sushi might be a Taenia(tapeworm) bit dangerous.

    Enjoy your lunch. B-)

  • hit refresh and see if it works. is it for all photos? dang, i hate technology

  • I cant wait to see you there next year! Its a lot of fun and next year we are making it bigger and better!

    Enjoy Bacon!

  • I’ve already made my plane reservation. I’m planning to go hog wild! And I guess I’ve got to cross Mr. Baconpants off my list of names for my personal website. How about Mr.

  • Absolutely hilarious. Coming from a woman in the boob industry, that is a great picture!!!

  • Hey, Mr. Baconpants! Love your site.

  • Christopher

    She is probably trying to simply avoid the bacon from touching any surface of her body more than it already is, but the photograph might also be taken mid-cheer–“hooray for bacon”, or something like that–which would be awesome and fills me with glee.

  • Tired Head

    OK, so you arre assuming you’ll still be at D Magazine by that time.

    Apparently, the Nancy/Christine/Jennifer cabal has enough pull to ensure that good staffers go the way of the do-do while you guys shrew your way to another year of backstabbing.

    Looks like I’ll forgo bacon for the next year or so just to protest. GTH.

  • Randy?

  • liz

    Anything held at El Bait Shop should be hilarious. One of the better bars in Des Moines.