New at Cosmic Cafe: Vegan Cakes

I could have just posted a comment in Nancy’s blog about raw/vegan food, but I needed a little room to chat, so here goes. I was having dinner at Cosmic Cafe on Oak Lawn last night, and our sweet server told us–while we were enjoying a slice of non-dairy chocolate cake with whipped topping that was definitely NOT non-dairy–that Wednesday, March 18, is the big unveiling of the new vegan cakes. The recipe was hers, so she wouldn’t reveal it. But I can tell you that tomorrow you can enjoy a slice of vegan lemon cake with raspberry filling and avocado cream frosting. If anyone heads over to Cosmic Cafe tomorrow to try it out, I want a full report. I’m no vegan, but I think it sounds delish. Because, honestly, I’ll eat avocado on just about anything.