Light Up Your Hangover: TY KU Premium Liqueur

See that pretty bottle to the left? When you pick it up to pour, it lights up. The press release attached to the photo doesn’t explain how it lights up, but it does go on about all of the natural ingredients in the drink: including yuzu (vitamin C), magosteen (antioxidants), Tibetan goji berry (18 amino acids and vitamins), honeydew (potassium and Vitamin C), green tea (antioxidants) and ginseng all blended with soju, a low calorie Asian vodka. Check it out here or sample some at Steel, Habashi, or Kenichi. I bet Wade knows all about TY KU. Wade? Where are you?


  • Christopher

    KY or KU? I think you might be getting two bottles confused…

  • Old Man

    HUGE Freudian slip!!

    (so to speak)

  • Dr. Freud

    Hmmm. Easy slip, once a woman reaches a certain age.

  • Dr. Freud, you are correct.

  • OldDallasNative

    The Green spirit showed up at Deion Sanders place at The Azure at Christmas…BIG HIT with the ladies!