Glazer’s Loses Melissa Rycroft as an Employee

“Young Fashionista” Laura Kostelny is our staff expert on The Bachelor. She blogs her hilarious reality TV thoughts quite regularly over on ShopTalk. Anywhoo, I bring up Laura and The Bachelor because Melissa Rycroft, the former Dallas-Cowboys-Cheerleader-turned-Glazer’s-Distributors-employee-turned-The Bachelor– bachelorette-turned-Dancing-with-the-Stars contestant was in Dallas yesterday to clean out her office at Glazer’s. She was accompanied by dancing partner Tony Dovolani. Thanks to Glazer’s guru and On the Wine Trail in Italy blogster, Alfonso Cevola, for the links and the photos. Back to you, Laura. (photos courtesy of The Blend. Tony Dovolani helps Melissa Rycroft move while James LaBarba gives her the last paycheck.)


  • Geronimo

    Desperate for publicity Melissa??? Milk your 15 minutes, you will not be sorely missed.

  • AC

    thanks Geronimo, you have made the world a kinder and nicer place to live with your thoughtful insights

  • jane

    Geronimo- you know you want her. You are just pissed because you know a girl like her would never want you. Bitterman, table for ONE!

    I am proud of any woman that resists the imposed will of men like ‘Geronimo’to conform to a life of domesticity and mediocrity. This girl took her destiny in her own hands and did what SHE wanted. What a concept. The fact that she has that prime USDA Approved hunk of a man Tony carrying her box for her says it all. Da-yem is he beautiful(whimper, whimper. I’ll have what she’s having…

    Now, if you will excuse me while I go have a cigarette….

  • Colleen

    GO Melissa, GO Girl! Live your life to the fullest. As for you Geronimo. I’m so sorry you’re life is so bad that you have to wish bad things upon others to make you feel better. So sad. I sincerely hope you’re attitude and life changes for the better. Oh, to Jane….I agree with you if I hadn’t quit smoking I’d have one too. Hey can I bum one from ya? He is a delightful dish.

  • Christopher

    Tony’s wife/daughters/son are going to be upset upon learning that he is pictured on the internet grasping another woman’s box…

  • Geronimo

    Why would you think I’m a man? (I’m not). The annoying thing is Melissa represents the “must get my face on TV generation”. The fact that she was on the awful Cowboys Cheerleaders show is enough to make my stomach turn. What’s next for her a VH1 Flava Flav/Brett Michaels reality show?
    My point was, am I the only one getting tired of the publicity hounds like her who think a reality show is a substitute for real talent?
    Don’t quite get the thought that she is breaking free on the life of mediocrity…the fact that she was on the bachelor seems to reek of mediocrity….

  • AC


    It’s just a job, and one which pays very well. Why hate? If you dont like it, you dont have to watch it?

  • Saucey

    Melissa-Elizabeth Hasselback just called. They need another opinionated nobody on the view.

  • idiot

    i was on the bachelor and they dont pay you people!

  • Knowledge

    G- Not only do they get paid, they get paid well!! The celebs on “Dancing With the Stars,” for example, get $200,000 for the entire season, whether they’re booted or not, a bonus of $100,00 if they’re number one, a smaller bonus if they’re number two, an even smaller bonus if they’re number 3, a top TV agent told The Wrap.