Anthony Bombaci Likes a Dollar Dog at Costco

So I was at a media dinner last night at BlackFinn in Addison (more on that later), and I had a fun chat with BlackFinn PR rep Millie Sessions. Well, you may recall the Cheap Eats cover story in D Magazine in February. I can’t remember exactly how this came up, but Millie was saying how Anthony Bombaci, executive chef at Nana, loves to take his kids to Costco on the weekends for $1 hot dogs. (Full disclosure: I have not called Costco to fact check this. I’m just reporting a conversation, yo. And I stole this photo from Wikipedia.) And I thought to myself, THIS is a fine idea for a cheap eat–especially for families. And then I told her that I was going to blog it today. And so I did. And it makes me want a hot dog. Thanks, Anthony. P.S. I’m still thinking about your snickered foie gras.


  • Kirk

    A hot dog (or a choice of what they call a Polish Sausage) and a refillable soft drink is $1.25 at Costco. They have recently changed from Hebrew National hot dogs to their own Kirkland Brand hot dogs. Some connoisseurs say they are not as good. I think that’s putting too fine a point on a $1.25 “meal.”

  • Jennifer Chininis

    Amen, Kirk. Besides, while I can’t speak for the hot dogs, I’ve had plenty of other stuff from Kirkland, and I gotta say, most of it’s pretty darn good. Try the marcona almonds. They are yummy and salty and WAY less expensive than, say, Whole Foods. I buy them for parties all the time.

  • I prefer the stand outside of Home Depot on Forest. Guy makes his own salsa and chow chow.

  • Gus Tronaught

    I saw Bombaci there last weekend. What his PR rep didn’t tell you was that Bombaci takes a seat, puts the hotdogs in a Vita-Mix, and purees them with Diet Coke and sodium alginate, then uses a plastic drinking straw as a pipette to drop the mix into a Dixie cup of calcium chloride, leaving them in there for about 15 seconds before transferring the “Hot Dog Caviar” to a cup of plain water for a rinse, then straining it through the bottom of a paper French fry container that is also used as the serving piece. He then sells it to passers-by for $18 a teaspoon. Worth every penny.

  • Gus Tronaught=Funny

  • Idunno

    Sam’s serves Nathan’s hot dogs, $1.50 with a drink.

  • Chris

    Pizza at Costco is also good.

  • Buck

    This blog post has less content than the hot dog.

    Nothing but filler.

  • guyndallas

    I love going to Costco for a cheap but filling lunch.