Where, Oh Where, To Party Fat Tuesday Style?

So, we talked about King Cake, plastic baby Jesus (or not?) and all, but now a Disher is asking where to go to party tonight. Read below:

The Guide’s List is pretty weak (ed note: this does not reflect the opinion of D Magazine or its staff)… And I know the Dishers can do better…What’s up out there for tonight? And Dick’s Last Resort does not count for me…

If you live in Plano, you can get your Fat Tuesday fanny over to RA Sushi for sushi a go-go. I went to Dodie’s on Saturday night (man, they’ve got some spicy crawfish up in there), and they were gearing up for a big party tonight. But we.need.more. Help!


  • N

    Nate’s in Addison usually does something pretty good, while lower key than others, for Fat Tuesday. Plus their food is great!

  • mlh

    Ok, Nate’s sounds nice and all, but someplace not in Addison?? 🙂

    Maybe uptown/mc kinney ave/henderson area too for those of us who do not venture past NW Hwy?

  • Chris

    Maybe Hurricane or Shuck & Jive both on Greenville.

  • Dallas Dude

    I went to Dodie’s for Mardi Gras last year. They had a tent outside with a band, lots of beer flowing and a great food setup. Don’t know if they are doing it again this year, but it’s worth checking out if they are. As a native Louisianaian, I was pleased.

  • Stephanie

    *Hurricane* on Greenville usually has drink specials and lots of beads!! 😉 Honestly, anywhere in Lower Greenville usually has a lot going on tonight, including the *Dubliner* which usually has live music. Also, heard that The *Grapevine Bar* has drink specials all night long and *Lotus* is having a Fat Tuesday party!!

  • Stephanie

    Also, regarding the Baby Jesus in the cake… This is what I’ve found http://www.holidays.net/mardigras/cake.htm and here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/King_cake 🙂 Just thought I’d share!

  • Margaret

    Not to get off topic… But Baby Jesus makes me think of Ricky Bobby…

    And laugh.

  • LisaS

    If it’s any indication, there is a huge spotlight on the sidewalk in front of Hurricane in preparation of tonight’s festivities.

  • DGirl

    Well Stephanie, you are an ace detective! I am shocked that my momma never told me that the plastic baby in the King Cake represented Jesus, which makes perfect sense since He is the Ultimate King. Now I wonder what else she didn’t tell me about. I bet babies don’t come from storks either.

  • lolabean

    Fish City at Preston Royal usually has something fun – although it’s a bit of an older crowd.

  • J Paul

    I had lunch at Alligator Cafe on Live Oak (near Haskell) and the place was packed and the food was GREAT. The parking lot was overflowing and the line was out the door.

    I noticed a sign saying they close at 3 PM today to get ready for the party starting at 5:00. I assume they will have live music to go with that great food. EatGator.com

  • Glenn Campbell

    I hope mlh is a dude, if not i’m pretty sure hes gay.

    Hurricane is lame. Just like mlh “i dont go north of NWHwy” is lame. So I guess either the price of gas or the his social anxiety will keep the lame with the lame.


  • Karen

    The Hurricane Bar on lower greenville

    and The Quarter by Breadwinners in Uptown

  • MillPill

    2038 Commerce St.

    $3 Hurricanes and great music!
    7:00 PM – 10:00 PM The Rebel Alliance Jazz Ensemble
    The musicians that form the RAJE are some of the greatest players in the world – professional musicians, studio guys, and UNT grads.

  • Dangit Sarah! You had to mention Dodie’s…now I can’t sleep until I get one of thier oyster po-boys! Yum yum yum

  • Margaret

    @Glenn Campbell: mlh is not gay, because I am a girl. Use “mlh” when I am in a hurry.

    I just do not want to go very far from home… Drinking, cab ride, friends all live around here, etc.

    Thanks for the suggestions from everyone else!

  • Okay, my eye keeps going back to the pup in the picture. I want to bring him home with me. @ Margaret…the Ricky Bobby comment put me on the floor!

  • Blooz

    Come on out to Dodies Seafood in Carrollton!
    Mardi Gras Madness 7 at Dodie’s in Carrollton
    Today, February 24th

    2626 North Josey Lane #112
    Carrollton, TX 75007
    Phone: 972.446.8998
    Fax: 972.939.2285
    10,000 Square Feet of tent tied to the restaurant!

    $7 Cover Charge
    Can’t take credit cards during the party so please bring


    Z-Man & the Trinity River Basin Band

    The band takes the stage at 7 PM.

    Art Exhibit By New Orleans Artist Chuck Siler
    This is the third year that Chuck has provided the artwork
    for the Mardi Gras Madness T-Shirts. After Katrina blew
    through the Crescent City, Chuck retired from the Louisiana
    State Museum in the French Quarter and set up residence in
    Carrollton with his wife Rhonda. Rhonda works with Bea’s
    Kids, http://www.beaskids.org/, as Director of the
    Carrollton Tutoring Center. “The mission of Bea’s Kids
    is to provide educational and personal development programs
    to children from low-income families so they will stay in
    school and break the cycle of poverty.”

    Chuck will raffle off an original with part of the proceeds
    going to Bea’s Kids. Honored that Chuck will be exhibiting
    again this year and Dodie’s will take no cut of Chuck’s
    Sales or Raffle.

    Costume Contest
    First Prize – $50 Gift Certificate to Dodie’s II
    Second Prize – $25 Gift Certificate to Dodie’s II

    Bead Throwing Contest

    (Let The Good Times Roll!)

  • Silly Seaborn

    Went to Dodies on Greenville last nite ready for the Fat Tuesday celebration. We’ve been there for years….much to our dismay we were told at the door that we couldn’t come in because we had our kids with us. No kids after 7. Charlie…..bad decision. I’ve heard you say how much cash you make on Fat Tuesday. Restaurant looked pretty empty compared to years past. Ended up at Big Shucks on Mockingbird. It was packed, food was good and they didn’t care that kids enjoy celebrating Fat Tuesday as well.