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Upcoming Cheese Classes at Scardello


A friend of mine took a cheese class from Scardello recently and couldn’t stop raving about it. She had so much fun that she ended up buying a bunch of cheese and having her own cheesy little Uptown tasting party the next night. But, in a good way. Here are the upcoming classes:

The Blues: Blue, green and in-between! Those lovely veins running through blue cheese make the mouth tingle in anticipation. Learn about these wonders of the cheese world. Taste examples from mild to strong, creamy to crumbly and one or two that feel like a good old fashioned kick in the teeth! Of course we pair these delights with near-perfect libations.
Thursday 26th 7pm

Italian Cheese and Wine
Discover Italy’s wealth of luxurious cheeses. Each cheese is as distinctive as its home geographic region. Deliciously paired wines enhance this exquisite sampling. Join us for a Italian Experience you won’t forget!
Thursday March 5th 7pm

Washed Rinds – “Festival of Smells”
Washed rind cheeses (the smelly ones) hit your nose with a distinctly powerful odor. But that isn’t the end of the story. These cheeses may be difficult to smell, but the flavor is delicate, meaty, followed by silky textures. We’ll discuss and taste a through a number of washed rinds from the European standards to some new American favorites.
Thursday March 12th 7pm

Classes are $25 and you must make a reservation with your credit card. Start the dialin’.