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Twisted Root Burger Co.: Already Almost Famous

By Nancy Nichols |

I just got back from an extra long lunch at Twisted Root Burger Co. After posting about the turkey burger this morning, I decided to head down to Deep Ellum and try theirs. Okay, that is a total lie. (But I could have gotten away with it.)

In fact, my buddies and I went to Twisted Root because I knew Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives was going to be taping a show there today. Press wasn’t invited but they were open for business and I paid with my own money so technically that makes me a customer. (Pay no attention to that Nikon D-700 my partner was packing.) Anywhoo, the Food Network crew was hanging, the place was jamming, and chef/owner Jason Boso, looking like he’d just won the lottery, was chatting to customers.

Of course I wanted to get an exclusive, behind-the-scenes photograph for you but, after a couple of hours, I got tired of waiting for host Guy Fieri to show. (Maybe they should add Diva to the show title.) As I was walking out the door, I learned Guy was scheduled to arrive at 3:00 P.M. Fair is fair–he’s not the diva, I am because at that point 30 minutes sounded like a day to me.

But back to the turkey burger. Yuck. The bun was cold; the meat was tasteless. However, the chocolate milkshake was delicious. Carry on.

UPDATE: So Sarah and Stacey went to Twisted Root to wait for Guy. Check out their live blog to follow. Looks like they might be on the show.