Tesar Speaks

Five-Star Executive Chef, John Tesar leaves
Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek

DALLAS – January 27, 2009 – John Tesar recently acknowledged his imminent departure from the Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek. Tesar joined Rosewood in October 2006 to recreate the restaurant’s menu and establish a chef’s room. Since then he achieved five-stars for the Mansion Restaurant by the Dallas Morning News food critic, Bill Addison and noted Modern Luxury Dallas freelance food critic Dotty Griffith. He has appeared on The Today Show and cooked for the James Beard House twice in the last year. Under his leadership Esquire named the Mansion Restaurant one of the Best New Restaurants of 2008.

Tesar announced the following today, “I think it is important for me to go on record here and let the public know that my time with the Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek has been exceptional and time well spent. To be selected out of hundreds and hundreds of applicants after Dean Fearing announced his departure is enviable and something I will always be proud of. To be chosen by Rosewood to spearhead the change and renovation of the Mansion was truly one of the most rewarding experiences of my professional career to date. I would like to thank Caroline Rose Hunt and the Hunt family for giving me the opportunity to be a part of the Rosewood tradition; a company and hotel cemented in the culture of Dallas. Additionally, I owe a big thank you to Bob Boulogne and Duncan Graham. My departure was a planned event and one of mutual agreement. As for my next steps, I am continuing to consult on several projects and am actively working on my cookbook. My preference is to stay in Dallas. I love the people of this city and am proud of the five-star reviews I received here. I’m exploring several offers and enthusiastically pursuing partnership in a new restaurant here in Dallas first and foremost. When the lease is signed I will be issuing another statement with my partner(s).”

Tesar serves on the National Culinary Council for Share our Strength’s Taste of the Nation and is the chef chair for the Dallas event. Tesar also has plans to launch a food segment about the importance of cooking with sustainable food sources in the future. Next up; Tesar heads to Naples for the Naples Wine Auction and to Miami for the South Beach Food and Wine Festival.

Update: Me=Murmur. Dude, I feel like your personal assistant. News please.


  • Gastronome

    Sorry, I missed it – what was the “exciting news”?

  • ziggurat

    Then why bother posting?

  • marcie

    yawn. Go back to New York.

  • Sonny N. Crockit

    Tesar was in Naples, Florida, at the end of last week, sez The Brad. Next up, he’s headed back to Naples, Florida, for the wine auction (February 6-8). Then he goes to Miami for the South Beach Wine & Food Festival (February 19-22).

    For a guy who says he’s opening a restaurant in Dallas, he sure seems to be going to Florida a lot.

  • Joe

    This release was a vanity piece. There was no news. Tesar puffed and a pr person got paid for it.

    Why don’t they just create a website and they can fluff all they want?

  • Bob

    Uh, been outside lately? The temperature is below freezing right now, freezing drizzle and sleet are falling, and the TV weatherpeople are going nuts with ice storm warnings. Florida seems like a good option, right now.

  • Tubbs

    I think Tesar is a great chef and a class act !

    one more time to haters and mindless blogger
    or just hangout at the slurpee machine at your local 7-11 instead

  • barbara

    I think it great news that he is opening a restaurant here in Dallas, can’t wait to see what it’s all about sounds exciting to me !

  • Gastronome

    I’m a great fan of any individual who attempts to open a new restaurant here, but I’m also a fan of the truth. So far the nutrition offered at the slurpee machine far exceeds that offered by the BS coming from the Tesar machine. Give us something we can sink our teeth into so we can cheer you on John. Fact is, we want you to do it and we want you to succeed but if you keep feeding us the type of doublespeak we’ve been getting for the last few days we’re gonna keep chewing you up. By the way, every meal of yours I ate at the Mansion (all three of ‘em) were all fantastic, so thanks for the great food and bring on the good news.

  • JB

    Ok…, Whatever Chef Dude, have fun on your enthusiastic exploring. So who is in the running to be the new Chef at The Mansion?

  • Truth

    Can’t find it anywhere.

  • Anon

    I never got over how when members of his kitchen staff were being laid off he was off in Spain on a culinary tour (which I’m assuming that the company paid for).

    I wonder how many jobs could have been saved if that trip didn’t take place?

  • John will also be at Savor Dallas on March 7, so you don’t have to go to Florida, or wait til the new restaurant opens. Hope we can keep him here. He’s a fabulous chef and a great guy.

  • Claire Voyant

    Every meal I had at the Mansion since Fearing left was bona fide dog doo. My bet is that many other patrons–strike that–pooper scoopers feel similarly.

    I won’t be twiddling my thumbs waiting for an unimaginative restaurant overseen by an unimaginative chef.

  • truth

    OK !

    I can’t tell you why i checked back in , but when I read stupid hateful false blind ignorant statements like some of the ones above I have to step in .
    Maybe I am becoming a blogger just to stop the madness and stupid comments from permeating the air.

    Mansion Chef 5 stars right one of the best new restaurants in America, top 10 D mag choices 08 4 mobile stars etc etc etc.

    Most imaginative and worldly traveled chef in dallas except maybe Avner…right

    works for a financially tapped hotel who did not pay for his trips right! i know this for a fact remember i am close to the source,,,,, if you doubt ask the Mansion!

    When he has a signed deal you will ALL know how sweet this new rest will be right!

    so have a margarita, and some tacos, take your sheets off get out of your pickups, turn off your 20 year old PC ‘ s and have a wait and see.

    If that is too much for your tiny brains wait and see what comes of this amazing time in the dallas dining scene !

  • cracker


    come back inside the trailer honey it’s cold outside

  • PF

    BRAVO Gastronome – well said.

  • southernboy

    come on tesar tell them y u really left the mansion, stand up for yourself

  • Togalog

    The Brad will set you free.

  • John, can you not tell anyone yet that you quit the Mansion to work for number 43 when he moves back to Dallas ? 🙂

  • Matt

    “My departure was a planned event and one of mutual agreement.”

    In other words he was fired.

    One of his employees got fed up with his verbal abuse that they secretly wore a ‘wire’ and recorded Tesar threatening him. HR had no choice in letting him go.

  • jim s.

    Jon had a checkered past long before he came to Dallas and was fired from many jobs before he decided to repair his reputation by begging Rick Moonen for a job and holding his apron strings for 3 years (by the way Rick Moonen was run out of NY because he hadn’t cooked anything in years and he fortunately lined up a gig in Las Vegas before his restaurant in NY went bankrupt).

    Jon has been arrested and incarcerated for his abusive behavior and this is the main reason he has been fired from previous jobs.

    The best that can be said about Jon is that he has (at least) 2 personalities; the one he shows to the staff he works with (arrogant, condescending, agressive, hostile) and the one he shows to management and the public (gentile, deferential, politically savy).

    The best that can be said about him is he is pathogical liar and needs help.