Sort-of Celeb Sighting at Toulouse: Former Mayor Ron Kirk

I was lunching at Cafe Toulouse on Sunday afternoon when I noticed some commotion behind me. Several people were stopping by to talk and shake hands with a gentleman wearing a baseball cap. He was eating with three stylish ladies and everyone seemed to be having a grand old time. Took a few moments, but I realized it was former Mayor/U.S. Trade Rep Ron Kirk and his wife Matrice. No less than 15 people stopped by to say hello to him, and he was gracious to every one.

I didn’t see what they ordered. I had the bistro chop salad with shrimp and two bellinis. NN, back to you.


  • VM

    I was sitting near him, recognized right as they were getting ready to leave.

    Shrimp and asparagus omelette, beignets, two mimosas here.

  • Tim

    He was there also on a Sunday between Christmas and New Years.