Snap Review: TABC

I just returned from a quick lunch at TABC. The gourmet burger—a half pound of Black Angus beef, sharp cheddar, and caramelized onions—was killer. It was so big I split the corners of my mouth trying to bite in. We also gulped down a hot bowl of tortilla soup with a rich broth and chunks of avocado. Great spicy kick on the finish. The food was great and the burger ($8.95) was enough for two. The only problem I had with the meal was that the space reeked of disinfectant. After a waitress sprayed and wiped the table next to us, she set the dirty rag and bottle of spray cleaner down next to the clean flatware and napkins. Then she picked up an order and delivered it to another table. Am I just being too persnickety?

On the other hand, there were lots of 50-ish good looking guys having lunch. Ladies, if you’re looking to cruise at noon, I suggest you head over and take a gander.


  • Margaret

    No… I hate it when they clean right in front of me… gross.

    And I hate when it smells like dirty rags and dirty water from an old 1950’s diner. Bleh.

  • mark

    That is one shiney bun.

  • Chris

    The place can get quite crowded in the bar area at night and that might have been the smell remains of the cleaning they did this morning before opening.

  • N

    That would bug me, since I have a kitchen background and adhere to very strict cleaning practices. I would never spray down a table in front of guests or leave a table with spray cleaner still drying. Clean thoroughly, then spray with fresh water and use a fresh towel. Never keep any dishes, glassware or flatware in a “cleaning” area, official or unofficial.

    Had I been you, Nancy, I would have mentioned it to the manager politely and let it go there. No asking for a free meal or anything, just an FYI for him. Could it be a health code violation? Not too sure, but I’d be curious.

  • Nancy Nichols

    @ Mark. Yes it was a really shiny, happy bun. And round. It did get soggy before I finished. But it was still shiny.

  • Dallas Dude

    TABC has an awesome Ahi Tuna Salad, too.

  • liz

    It could be worse. I was at Chuy’s and saw a server cough up a giant wad of spit on a table and then wipe it all over the table with his rag. I was flabbergasted. I told a manager. I used to like Chuy’s, but I’ll pass.

  • Robin

    TABC’s lobster on the half shell (of avocado) is the most delicious appetizer in town.