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Snap Review: TABC


I just returned from a quick lunch at TABC. The gourmet burger—a half pound of Black Angus beef, sharp cheddar, and caramelized onions—was killer. It was so big I split the corners of my mouth trying to bite in. We also gulped down a hot bowl of tortilla soup with a rich broth and chunks of avocado. Great spicy kick on the finish. The food was great and the burger ($8.95) was enough for two. The only problem I had with the meal was that the space reeked of disinfectant. After a waitress sprayed and wiped the table next to us, she set the dirty rag and bottle of spray cleaner down next to the clean flatware and napkins. Then she picked up an order and delivered it to another table. Am I just being too persnickety?

On the other hand, there were lots of 50-ish good looking guys having lunch. Ladies, if you’re looking to cruise at noon, I suggest you head over and take a gander.